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  1. Phillip Chaney. He coached the younger group that is there to the East Tn Championship in middle school a couple of years ago. Has been assisting at GP for the last couple of seasons.
  2. I thought that it came out that meeting actually never happened?
  3. No clue why he is leaving other than he wasn't happy at Carter, there is a good crop of athletes at Pigeon Forge for the next couple of years tho. As far as Sevier County, nothing changes. We have too many schools for any of them to be super competitive.
  4. Meadows has the job, he was extremely unhappy at Carter for whatever reason. I'm excited for him to be coming back.
  5. Announcement should be coming soon, it is a returning face for the Tigers....
  6. Over 3 years, Coach Watson was 7-23 overall and 1-9 this past season.
  7. Alcoa wins, but fails to get the shutout.... Very bold prediction, I know....
  8. Not that I'm aware of, not sure what the deal is but the decisions that are being made all around are horrible... I'll leave it at that.
  9. Probably one of the roughest regions in TN as far as 3-7 goes...Alcoa and AE are without a doubt the top and Kingston is probably 3rd with no questions. That last spot is going to be insane this year.
  10. The last spot in region 2 is going to be a mess up until the last game of the year. So far Scott has beat GP, PF beats GP, GP beats Northview and then Northview beat PF. Northview has Scott this Friday and PF has them the last game of the year, so alot left to play for. I don't think GP has any hopes of making the playoffs.
  11. Not mention it has the best backdrop in all of east TN football....
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