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  1. I heard a name that applied and had an interview today. Not sure it is valid but my source has never lied to me before.
  2. 4 classes in the public league and 2 classes in the private league. If they are public they play in the public league, if they are private they play in the private league. No more complaining about privates do this, publics do that. If they are funded by the State = public. Not funded by the State = PRIVATE. 'NUFF SAID - E.O.D.
  3. Let the recruiting begin for LL and little LL.
  4. Seriously, why would a college coach want to be a head coach at a small private school if they were in good graces at the college that formerly employed them? Recruiting must be a priority at MOST private schools, maybe new coach felt APSU couldn't win. He had been there, at APSU, for what 6-7 years, and he had been a part of a 1-45 record over the past few years. Know of Will Healey and believe he will produce a winner. Don't know CA's new man, but wonder if he can produce a winner? Definitely not mad over anybody getting fired, if they needed to be fired or deserved to be fired. Went to APSU for a year and dated a CA graduate, that was my only reason!
  5. You hire a former APSU assistant football coach that has zero head experience after you loose your former head coach and your former def. coord. who left to take head jobs elsewhere in the county. Why would a college coach leave for this job unless 1 or 2 things? 1 - experienced in recruiting I would guess, 2 - on the hot seat at APSU. How many assistant coaches does he have at CA?
  6. Good luck to RCHS. We played them in the playoffs about 20 years ago and beat em bad at there field.
  7. I would think Fulton will not loose to many to Central, unless Fulton just goes in the tank with a 3-7, 4-6 record, certainly don't think that will happen. AC should win there region but the travel might be expensive. Know this is not a UCHS thread, but how is LL and little LL doing in Maynardville. Have they filled there recruiting needs for this year?
  8. 6 classes in football and 3 classes in most of the other sports is probably the big reason. Said this before on another thread, what about going to 4 classes in every single sport across the state in D1 and 2 classes in all sports in D2. Think this might have 90% or more in the same district\region in every sport.
  9. Simply can't believe no body would comment on this statement. Why do principle's name some body the interim head coach and then go through a search for a head coach for 1-2 months, but they don't name the interim as a head coach. Believe the Titans did the right thing with Malarkey as I said above. I have seen very few coaches in our state go from interim to head coach. If they are good enough to be the interim for 1-2 months, why wouldn't they give the person a chance and see what they could do. Titans went 9-7 with Marlarkey. Don't care if the interim is 25 or 45, when you put your trust in him during the season or off season, that should be good enough. Since no one gives a poot, I'll be quite.
  10. Does the word on the street say coaches at Northeast and Rossview were forced or just Northeast? Thought both choose to step down and only a few days apart. I may be wrong but I thought that is what I read.
  11. But, I doubt NE waits till May 24 to name a head fb coach.
  12. fbepic, Was not talking about your post, talking about a post from earlier about this coach wont take this job because of this/that incident, BS, BS, BS. All was about Rossview not NE.
  13. If you go back about 3-4 pages on this thread, you will know not to believe all that you read. Coach speak or not.
  14. Probably the same reason gas prices go up when oil cost more, you don't get more gas, same amount with a price increase. From the umpires I've seen in K-town, they should pay the schools instead of the schools paying them.
  15. Aint no way! I believe the Bull Durham incident cause I seen the movie, but not the other. In Knox Co., He B Gone and Daddy probably open up a big can of you know what!
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