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  1. DB had good success running the ball against SH behind their big O lIne early but went away from that as they got behind. Will Greeneville try and grind it out or will they throw the ball more and run the QB?
  2. He hasn't thrown the. Ball well at all tonight but he is capable.
  3. Db went for it on 4th down on about sh 30. Good pressure by science hill defense got a grounding call that put db behind chains
  4. Qb 70 yard run on first play. Outran entire db secondary
  5. The refs should not be allowed to call a side line warning on any visiting team at DB. The sidelines are a joke!
  6. Talent is talent but to compete at the 6A level you have to have depth and talent at almost every position. You have a few outliers like Greeneville and Fulton (I don't count Catholic as a public school) who have 6A talent most years but are playing in a lower division. That is why they compete for championships every year. But to compete with the 6A schools especially in Middle and West Tennessee (and Maryville), you better have size and speed or you have no chance. I think SH does have a lot of talent this year. The QB has been playing at a very high level since the middle of the season last year. His accuracy throwing the ball has improved and of course he can really run. A lot of talent at Running back as well and the O line is big. They need to cut back on the penalties. DB game plan has got to be to try and slow the game down and grind it out with their big O line. Of course, Coach Clark is always full of surprises so who knows.
  7. I have seen all the region 1 teams play but know nothing about region 2. You have to say the top 4 seeds from Region 2 are huge favorites. Of course, Maryville is a big favorite as well. The key games are Bradley/Cookeville Hardin Valley / Warren County and Science Hill / Siegel I believe the Bradley Central QB is out with an injury. He is one of the better players in the state and they are a different team without him, Cookeville could pull off an upset in this game if they can put 21 or more points on the board. Hardin Valley is a good football team with good size but they don't throw the ball a lot. A team with a physical run defense could limit their scoring. I know nothing about Warren County but I am looking for input from those who do here. Science Hill has been an up and down team. They have some good skill players and their offense has been clicking the past few games. They pretty well moved the ball at will teh past few games (of course that was against Dobyns Bennett, Jefferson County and William Blount's defenses). Defense is pretty sound but some teams have had success running the ball. A team with a good running game could score some points.
  8. have to agree that there were quite a few plays where the QB was in the second level untouched. But once he got there i didn't see anyone who was going to run him down. On the first long run #5 for sh made a great play blocking the defensive back for what seemed like 10 seconds as the qb ran past. #3 and several of the wide receivers blocked well down field all night. Those are the plays that don't go in the stat sheet but win football games. Goes back to the whole team buying in and doing their jobs! I thought the game would be closer but science hill has several really really good football players who could play on any team in the state and they all played great last night. No need for DB fans to worry - after all Graham Clark is still 19-5 against Science Hill! Pretty darn good if you ask me
  9. You have to give a lot of credit to the Science HIll coaches and players. The team has steadily improved over the season and has looked very good in the past few games. Looks like a different team that played Boone and Hardin Valley. The improvement of the QB and the passing game has been outstanding. Adams was 20 of 21 against Jeff County. As SH proved last night you don't have to throw it 30 times a game you just have to make the other team respect the passing game a little bit. Of course, by the end of the game DB had the whole team in the box and still couldn't stop the running attack. I was surprised but it seemed to me that Science Hill had a lot more overall speed than DB. Hopefully the Toppers can execute like this next week.
  10. 56 28 science hill is rolling!! 6 minutes tongo
  11. Sounds like a mystery face mask on DB per DB radionannouncers. What's the deal?
  12. 35 14 final. Science hill had no answer to the Maryville running attack.
  13. No. Scott Gray does it. You can listen at www.espntricities.com Tom Taylor did an online streaming broadcast last year but I don't believe he is doing it this year.
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