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  1. Meigs is know for that when things isn't going their way.
  2. I disagree I was a freshman Davis first year at Polk we won two games but after that season good off-season and spring we went 8-2. A lot of bad habits had to be broke and the culture from a few losing season and the season before he got there Polk went 0-10.
  3. Yeah the culture isn't going to change in a year. Davis got there late and been working hard on changing that. Have seen improvement. Central big problem too is turning the ball over and killing momentum
  4. I hear you I was a freshman at Polk Davis first year after I graduated started running the chains for him. Did that till he left and he called me up and asked if I would come up to Central a run them there for him. So of course I did lol. Central has a good one just got to give him time to get things changed. Which I know he will. But for the game Friday going to be a tough one for sure. Meigs is definitely playing great ball and Central i is coming off a bad loss. Curious to how they will respond
  5. Davis has been working hard on changing the culture there. Been tough to say the least.
  6. Central has shot themselves in the foot when getting into the red zone. They fix that they can score some points
  7. Talent isn't there. It's bad really bad then Davis left they won't be good for awhile. Wish Brewer well but he's going to find out there isn't any talent there. And the talent in Little league don't play or have terrible attitudes.
  8. And people need to stop assuming Soccer ran him off that isn't the case
  9. Central's offense is there if they stop turning it over in the redzone or having a bonehead penalty in the redzone
  10. Central by as many as they want. This one will have the mercy rule rolling
  11. Marion gets their first win and first district win Friday night. Polk best chance of a win was week one.
  12. Central plays like the did the second half Friday night they should win. I think the boys are finally buying into Davis and his staff. This team will be fun to watch. Loved the way they played the second half Friday night. Good luck to both teams and a injury free game.
  13. Central came out the second half and was finally rolling and playing pissed off. Starting to see the fire and it was a great game. Always need one of these close ones.
  14. Good win for the boys in blue. Now time to get ready for Sweetwater.
  15. Davis didn't leave over the soccer drama believe me on that. That's what people think it isn't true. And you are right he would still be there if it wasn't for well I'm not going into detail on that. Davis will stay long as he can for sure. Central just has to give him time to change the culture there. With that being said I think Central pulls it out Friday night. Davis will have that defense ready for sure and the offense will be better. The o-line is still learning the scheme but when it comes together for them this team will be fun to watch.
  16. Polk won't win a region game be lucky if they win any game this season.
  17. Rough night for the boys in blue. With that said I did see some positive things. Depth hurt Central tonight and some bad breaks. Hope we move past this and get ready for Tellico.
  18. Couldn't agree more. Davis will have them turned around fast and this season there will be improvement for sure. And when kids that ain't playing see what is happening more will come out. Looking forward to this season and supporting Davis and the Chargers. Be on doing my normal thing on Friday nights just in a different location and different colors. Go Chargers!!!
  19. Lol wow. When Davis had those very talented teams. He scheduled upperclass trans for out of district games. I also don't see Central only winning two or three games. Davis will have his team prepared and to be honest this Central team has more talent then he had at Polk for the last 5 seasons. I mean it's his first year there give the man some time. He's had to go in and change attitudes and the culture. Central has the right man for the job no doubt
  20. The o-line will come around for Central and when that happens they are going to be hard to handle.
  21. Thanks I knew was at Tellico last few years
  22. Where are they playing the jamboree at?
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