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  1. UH, it looks like a 6-0 record and #3 in the state according to AP. However I'm not sure AP made the schedule. I will beat this drum till it sinks in, Blackman has not only beat the teams that were on their schedule but with the exception of Smyrna, HAMMERED THEM!! FRICKIN HALFTIME, FRICKEN GAME OVER, BRING IN THE FRICKEN BAND... SORRY THEIR ALREADY HERE!!!!! WE ARE BLACKMAN!! and we make no excuses. I dont think any educated person on here can say that Blackman isnt any good... All were saying is given their schedule, you really dont know how good they are. I think thats a fair assessment. If you beat RHS or OHS in the coming weeks then get on here and beat your drum all day long... Until then you have to take off your blue and orange colored glasses and see this schedule for what it is.... A joke! I dont blame the kids or the coaches (only bc Shad wasnt there when this schedule was made). I also dont except the excuse that they had a hard time finding games, bc so did everybody else... RHS went out and scheduled Farragut, OHS scheduled Ensworth and Brentwood, Smyrna also played Ensworth... There were good teams out there to play and BHS just decided not to do it... Maybe it was smart, maybe it wasnt? But we will all find out in a few weeks... I for one hope Blackman is for real, I would love to see 3 M'boro teams make serious runs come November. before you get on here and run your mouth...maybe you should take a look at the defending state champs non-region schedule last year...hmmm...did you look because what i see is actually the same thing blackman has going this year. but what do i know. there is just no way blackman could win state. i mean they are blackman. just washed up middle school heroes i suppose. oakland and riverdale scheduled ensworth and farragut and both got beat. why do we want a loss. because they lost, we are now in sole possession of first place in the district. well look at that no way thats blackman. oh but it is. better get used to it because we are riding this train all the way to cookeville and we are gonna leave there with a gold ball. but hey, after that it will just be known by everyone(excluding blackman) that it was just a bad year in tennessee high school football, right? hate if you want, but at least respect us. if we beat siegel by fifty will you finally give us some credit? lord, we would probably have to win by 100 to get any respect around here. but we like that, and we are gonna keep creepin until yall cant doubt us anymore because we will be on top of the mountain and there is nothin yall can do to keep us away.
  2. Brentwood by at least 21. no contest for the bruins
  3. Ensworth by 10. Oakland's offensive line is too small to match up with ensworth. and has everyone forgotten about ensworths rb? anyway i will be there pulling for ensworth the whole way
  4. two people have been kicked off the team as of now. i will not disclose the names due to privacy.
  5. does this post even really matter? if they play someone from rutherford county they automatically lose....every time.
  6. Blackman vs. Independence. What are we thinking about this matchup? With Blackman already beating Independence once this season, will independence be able to match the swag of the Blaze? And with Blackman striding at the right time, will they be tough to stop?
  7. if you even compare franklin county and blackman then you are only lowering the rutherford county teams. just go get back on oaklands post and leave blackman to us. i love how oakland thinks they are awesome after a stroke of luck last season (with the exception of lebanon but its fine i guess we'll see in the fall
  8. this was simply a test for the blackman players. now that they see how they stack up against another team, they will come to work harder in the summer. it wasn't a bad decision on the coaches part. i mean they could have scrimmaged that "powerhouse" franklin county again. look how that worked out for blackman last year. and by the way most teams in tennessee were already scheduled or spring practice had already been finished. don't get on here and spew ignorance if you don't know what you're talking about
  9. it is done...players from mtcs are reporting that shad told them today that he is packing up and moving to blackman. sorry mtcs
  10. rumor has it that the new coach of blackman will be released tomorrow but i don't know that for sure....but hopefully thats right
  11. this is not the future head coach of blackman, be assured. whatever your source, it is wrong. the future coach of blackman has been selected but has not been released the coach is someone blackman will not be disappointed to have..that is for sure
  12. i never said i hated williams because i don't...i actually respect the williams brothers as much as any...the only thing i meant when i said i thought he was driving it into the ground was he lost some talent(some which he will never replace) and i am not so sure that hiring his brother for offensive coordinator was the best decision he could have made. sorry if i offended you...i know that you and Josh both liked Matt, but i just don't see him having as good of a year next year
  13. huh looks like the only real talent he lost was sonny and rod and as for the ALMOST win against oakland....what was that oakland and coffee county score again??? i would expect any coach to make it that far in the playoffs after inheriting a two time state championship team and it does help that the region had a down year this year....no standout teams except for oakland and as for the freshman team.....remember the 2006 blackman freshman team??? oh yeah twenty was as close as anyone came...now look at them....just because you are good freshman year doesn't mean you are good in varsity. freshman to seniors are able to play at the varsity level...bigger,stronger,faster...freshman means nothing and as for coffee county who ALMOST beat oakland...they finished 2-8..shows how much ALMOST means {oh yeah----the 3rd round is called the quarterfinals}
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