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  1. You were right. Much closer in the 'burg than the final score indicates .... HC 54 MC 41. As far as the freshman go, Hannah Pendergrass dropped 25 and Ginger Conder defended Harwell in excellent fashion. Harwell had 23 but not one 3-point field goal which in and of itself is a remarkable accomplishment for a freshman guarding a seasoned Senior veteran. I think that goes without saying how they responded in that pressured situation. In addition to Hannah and Ginger, Barrett has 3 other talented freshman which bodes well for the Lady Dawg future. HCHS Lady Dawgs now take on Lewis Co on Friday afternoon at 4. Certainly ought to be an interesting matchup especially considering the fact that "Barrett's Brigade" will be playing on their home floor. They will need all the advantages they can get if they have hopes of winning over the Lady Panthers who swept HCHS during the regular season. As most folks know, anything can happen in the post-season. I dare say there is more parody in District 12AA girls division than any district around. Would not be huge surprise to see any of the teams left (Page, Fairview, Lewis or Hickman) take the crown at weeks end. Only time will tell.
  2. Referees are human. Eventually even the very best will miss a call every now and then. Sometimes the call in error is a fairly small one and does not affect the outcome of the game. I am afraid to say though, this was not the case with the Hickman County/Camden girls 2nd round region matchup on Monday night at East Hickman. Both teams were tied at 62 toward the end of the game with Camden having possession of the ball on their end of the court. The ball was tied up by a Hickman player with .5 seconds showing on the clock with the possession arrow going to Camden. For whatever reason, one of the referees rushed over to the scorers table and had an additional full second put back on the clock. As most basketball fans know, the difference between half a second and a second and a half is daylight and dark. At most, if .5 had been left on the clock Camden would have had no more than a tip at the basket. As it was, 1.5 seconds gave Camden just enough time to get the ball in bounds under the basket, which to their credit they did, and win as the buzzer sounded ..... which they did. I hope I don't come across as a bitter fan because I am not. Camden played a fantastic game and has a really good team. But, the same could be said about the Hickman County team. The Lady Dawgs, I believe, were down in the first half by as much as eleven or twelve points. They clawed their way back in the second half to take the lead a time or two. My point is this ..... if the referee had a instant replay monitor to look at and then determine that time should be put back on the clock, that's one thing. But of course he/she did not have that luxury. The referee made a judgment call, and according to the film, was not even looking at the clock to begin with. In a game that close with that much at stake, the time on the clock should have remained at .5 seconds. If Camden would have been able to get the ball in and score in time, then so be it. If not, then let the game be decided in OT. Both teams fought way too hard for 31 minutes & 59.5 seconds for the game to end that way. Allow the players to decide the outcome of whose season ends ..... not the referees. I know what some will say .... "If that call had gone in Hickman's favor, you would not be posting this at all." My answer is ..... "You are exactly right. I would have run out of the gym celebrating exactly the way Camden did, as they should." But, since it did not go in Hickman's favor, I shall use this as a way to vent
  3. I don't know if these two teams have ever played each other and even if they have, it hasn't been in a long while. Don't know much at all about Camden. Can anyone help with a little scouting info?
  4. Interesting first round matchup Friday night in Centerville between two regular season champions. Both teams also have regular season MVP's in Kelsey Wright and Sarah Collins. Two great coaches, two great teams. Any thoughts/predictions?
  5. All I can say is wow. Hickman County wins 49-47! This game went down to the wire exactly the same way the first two did. Don't know that there are two more evenly matched teams anywhere around. Awesome atmosphere provided by fans from both sides. Congrats to regular season and tourney MVP Lady Dawg senior, Kelsey Wright. Also big congrats to coach of the year Corey Barrett. In just three short years Coach Barrett has taken this team to new heights. In his first season three years ago, Coach Barrett directed the Lady Dawgs to the sub-state after having only won 8 games during the regular season. Hope he has a few more rabbits to pull out of the hat! Go Lady Dawgs!!!!
  6. Hickman County has an awesome facility. The J.E. Sisco Gymnasium has to rank near the top of the best mid-state gyms. Even though its probably over 30 years old, it has been maintained well over the years and is a great place to watch a game. BTW, coaches and officials alike agree that the hospitality room at Hickman's Christmas Tourney is flat out the best anywhere!
  7. you are exactly right ..... the second of two great games this season (so far) ..... Hickman wins at Lewis earlier this year by two and Lewis comes to Hickman and wins by three ..... two evenly matched teams with two very good coaches ..... I dare say their paths will cross again in the district tournament
  8. Great comments on this thread. Sounds like coach/player/parent contracts is the way to go.
  9. Would be interested to hear how different coaches/administrators choose to handle friction with unhappy parents of the kids on their team .....
  10. This Friday will be the first meeting between these inter-county rivals. Should be a packed gymnasium at East Hickman full of red and blue. What are some of the other great inter-county rivalry games in the state? Or, what are some of the best rivalry games period?
  11. All I can say is WOW! I can't imagine a better girls game played in the mid-state than this one last night in Lewis County. There is no question that the fans got their money's worth, and then some. Both games, including the boys, went right down to the wire. You have to wonder if the release of the state polls (Lewis #10) gave HC a little extra incentive and motivation going into this game. This contest was hard fought from beginning to end. The game was tied at the half and Im not sure that either side ever held more than a 5 or 6 point lead at any time. The Hohenwald gym is a great environment for basketball. The fans for both sides did a super job of providing a loud atmosphere throughout and showed great sportsmanship. Hickman missed several chip-ins early on which might have helped them jump out to more of a lead than they did. Lewis is certainly a very aggressive team on both ends of the floor. I thought HC did a pretty good job of breaking through that tough LC full court press that gives so many teams problems. No doubt, Coach Helton and Coach Barrett did a great job with their teams and they should be proud of their kids efforts. The most exciting thing may be that this is only the first meeting between these teams this year. Lewis will travel to Centerville on Feb. 5 and one could certainly see the possibility for another game or two as they get into tournament play. Congrats to both teams, coaches and fans for a wonderful night of high school basketball!
  12. This should be an awfully good matchup. As of today, 1/5, I know that both teams are undefeated in the district and tied for first. I noticed on a recent post that someone said that Hickman County doesn't have a "go to" person. I suppose in some ways this is true, but I don't think its a bad thing. This Lady Dawg team is probably the most balanced squad that Coach Barrett has had during his time in Centerville. It is sure a lot easier to defend a team with one "go to" player than it is to defend one who can go 7 or 8 deep. The Hickman team philosophy is to simply take one game at a time, which means they have to deal with Perry County and Spring Hill this week first ..... both teams which are very dangerous opponents. It will be great if both Lewis and Hickman can go into the game on 1/12 undefeated in the district. Hopefully, Hickman County will bring a large contingent to Panther Country to see a great game. See you there!
  13. Adults ..... in fact, I believe one is an assistant principal at Marshall
  14. Does it seem to anyone else that every now and then a referee listens way too much to the crowd? Recently at the Marshall County/Hickman County girls contest in Lewisburg, it appeared that one referee in particular was more concerned about what was going on in the stands than he was with what was happening on the court. I know that on at least 3 different ocassions this ref stopped play to get a security guard to go address individuals who he apparently thought were being unruly. I think he did this once regarding someone in the Marshall crowd and at least twice with individuals on the Hickman side. I understand that there are certainly situations from time to time in the stands that need to be dealt with by the refs and security in the name of safety for all involved. On this night though, I dont believe that this was the case with any of the 3 times that play was stopped. As happens in almost any game, the fans for both sides were giving it to the refs in the usual measures. The final incident actually resulted in the ref in question tossing one of the Hickman fans out of the gym. I think the statement that was the final straw for him was "you suck!" Now, that is not exactly the nicest thing to say to someone, but ..... this guy was an official involved in, at the time, a closely contested ballgame. Surely this was not the first time this dude had been told that, and to be honest, if his game calling is the same every night, I am satisfied he is told that "he sucks" frequently. It just seems to me that if an official is doing his job and is concentrating on the action on the court, then he should be able to drown out a majority of what is being yelled at him. I know, I know, there are some fans who go overboard but this was not the case in this situation. This ref needs to buy some cotton to stick in his ears and grow some thicker skin. I realize that Mr Ref is human and he is entitled to having a bad day every now and then, but he has to somehow learn to forget that when he steps on the basketball court.
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