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  1. Grissom is not big time football. Check their records over the past few years. Football in Huntsville is not good at all.
  2. Huntland with a good win at MC and totally destroyed Forrest Saturday night.
  3. Thought the guy who handled the job last year did a great job. Is he leaving or what?
  4. Eagleville is now in the drivers seat with wins over Huntland and MC. Seeding is really important this year with the higher seeds hosting district tournament games.
  5. With district play starting Friday this district could be up for grabs. Huntland not pllaying well (lost to Richland by 25), Fayetteville much improved (beat Richland by 17) Moore County a few good wins. District based on play so far. 1. Moore County 2. Fayetteville 3. Eagleville 3. Huntland 5. Cornersville 6. Cascade
  6. If they would take players it would be a great job. Turn to many kids away that could help in all sports.
  7. Huntland looked much better tonight in a 25 point win over Community. They still have a couple of girls not playing yet. Freshmen played really well tonight.
  8. Agree, they have an extremely talented 8th grade class.
  9. Its a different one or two every game. This season is going to be crazy, dealing with this virus. I am hoping we will be able to complete our schedule but I think we will be lucky to play 15 games.
  10. Huntland not playing well right now. Need to get all their players back and healthy.
  11. Wrong! Each school has one eligibility list. If you play any kind of game you have a participation record.
  12. The local health department and the school board set the attendance numbers not the TSSAA.
  13. TSSAA hammered FC. Two year post season ban and a fine of $2,500.00. It was in the local newspaper. Not sure what Shelbyvilles penalties wil be, probably the same.
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