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  1. They are for real, many athletes that did not play for former coach and a few transfers. They get after it and play hard nosed defense.
  2. The game with you was not over by 745 so you might not want any of South Pitt down the road.
  3. Always enjoyed watching the scrimmages with you guys. I think it made Huntland better because South Pitt is a physical team. Glad the coaches were able to finally have open dates at the same time. South Pitt is always one of the more classy teams that Huntland has scrimmaged. Looking forward to a good hard fought game. This game will be good for Huntland, will make them better for the rest of the season.
  4. I agree, they both are underdogs to most Region 5A teams on Sonny Moore computer rankings.
  5. Huntland should be 4 and 0, they gave 2 games away with untimely turnovers (not that they are ever good). South Pitt seems to be back to their old self this year and playing really well. These two have scrimmaged each other for years. Glad the coaches could work things out and play for real. I hear a Friday night in South Pittsburg is a great atmosphere. Hope both teams come out injury free as both have important games coming up.
  6. Mt Pleasant will have trouble with Fayettevilles defense, they are where they are supposed to be all the time. Very disciplined. Fayetteville will not have as many big against Mt Pleasant they will nulify the speed factor. The winner of this game will be the team that can sustain drives and turn them into points. Fayetteville's kicker might be the difference.
  7. I thought it was a very hard played game by both teams. I f you want to get to specifics Huntland should have been up 21 to 0 at half. They also failed to score twice when inside the ten. But I will not go there hats off to the Tigers for the win. Both teams left it all on the field. Good luck the rest of the reason.
  8. Huntland needs to rebound after overtime loss to Eagleville. Got to take advantage of every scoring opportunity.
  9. Eagleville scored in overtime and Huntland did nOt. Two pretty even teams. Huntland left four scores out there by fumbling twice and missing two field goals.
  10. What happened in this game. T.otally surprised by the score.
  11. Morson from Decatur high school. Qb came from Sparkman high school in Alabama.
  12. Scored every time they had the ball in jamboree vs Perry County. Was still passing the ball at the end of contest up 35 to 0. They have a new coach and he does not know when to call the dogs off yet. They are very athletic. QB is from Alabama and throws the ball really well.
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