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  1. Heard the new coach is bringing in a few Alabama boys with him.
  2. Keep running your mouth private america. This thread has nothing to do with you or your great Forrest team.
  3. Any news on how this scrimmage went yesterday. Heard that Huntland dominated.
  4. I hope that you own your house now.
  5. From high school to middle school is not a good step, it is a backward step.
  6. Congrats to Mike Holt on beiing named the new boys coach. He will do a great job. FC grandma will be upset.
  7. Congrats Mike Holt on getting the boys job at FCHS. Hoping you still sleep well FCgrandma.
  8. Its FC grandma her daughter graduated a long time ago. played for Harlow and Shockley.
  9. Heard that Holman from South middle school was going to be an assistant and take his boys with him.
  10. You are a joke and a disgrace to high school athletics. Yes you guys beat us the next two years very soundly and we made no excuses. As far as beating MTCS later that season it has no bearing that the single eyeball Hornets whipped that butt. What was the technology in 1650 so I can compare it to now. If you had took care of business you would have a region championship, but you did not. Take a knee on the 1 yard line. LOL that was a good one.
  11. Hearing through the grape vine that Coffee Co has been talking to a successful class A coach just down the road. He would be a great hire if you can get him there.
  12. No way would Mclennan leave Huntland to go up there. It would be a step down from his current job. The guy from Cascade would be a home run hire.
  13. Here we go again blaming the loss to Huntland on injuries. Huntland had 3 starters out that game and outplayed, outhit, and outhustled your wonderful Rockets. Excuses are terrible man up and admit your team was beaten that night. Forrest has twice as many students and players than Huntland, your depth was a non factor that night. As far as inbreds you have mental issues to deal with, go get you some medicine.
  14. Hearing a few names, Carlos Smith, Mclennan, Shockley, Holt, any of these fine coaches would be good hires.
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