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  1. I have always wondered why they never played. I know they usually do a scrimmage together before the season but never play an actual game during the year. Not sure the reasoning with this
  2. She has already got offers from MTSU and Murray State over the summer! It will be fun to watch her develop even more over the next four years!!
  3. Obion Co filled their girls basketball coaching job with Chad Levister. Thoughts?
  4. Just because you have a great group of athletes doesn't mean that he will do a great job. I'm not set yet on how good of a coach he is. His only experience is at Obion County and what did he do with them while there? Not much. Just because you are from a good coaching family or been around coaches doesn't mean you are a good coach yourself. We have seen that with Holly at UT with the Lady Vols. I'm not saying he won't do a good job and be successful but I am not sold on him just let with what I have seen.
  5. I didn’t even know they had let the Huntingdon coach go and that position was open. Thoughts on that hire?
  6. Yes rebounding was the difference in the game! It was 43-23 in CC’s favor with CC getting 19 offensive!! Hard to win a game with that big of a margin in that area!
  7. You sure about that? It’s still in the game of play and not out of bounds like backboard
  8. Anyways...congrats Gibson Co on bringing a gold ball back to West TN!!!
  9. What about the call where the ball hit bottom of net and then went into the rim from the top and came down through the net? Is it really a “no basket” and automatically given to the other team?! Or is it supposed to be at least a jump ball like when the ball gets stuck between backboard and rim?
  10. Gibson Co by 5. Going to be a battle! Good luck Gibson Co from a fellow West TN fan! Hopefully we bring the gold ball back to West TN in A, AA, and AAA with Gibson Co, Westview, and Houston!!
  11. For those of you that have played the first game of the day, what time does the gate/doors open for fans to start going in? Trying to figure out what time they will open in the morning before the 11:00 game. Thanks!
  12. I don’t know if you can say that..but you can say that miss basketball finalist team out played miss basketball team today
  13. If Westview continues their solid defense, I think Westview by 12
  14. Westview has only been averaging like 50 points a game so holding them to 46 is an advantage for them
  15. The way Greenfield played today...I would say they are going to be extremely hard to stop from a repeat. I say Greenfield by 15
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