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  1. Mark Wilkins is the new head coach at South Gibson. He served as an assistant coach with the boys basketball program at Beech for the last three seasons. Mark is the son of Gibson County girls basketball coach Mitch Wilkins. He joins brothers David (Obion Central girls) and John (McKenzie boys) in the area coaching ranks. There will be eight new coaches in 13AA this upcoming season (four boys, four girls).
  2. Milan's new head coach is Kevin Bryowsky. He spent the last nine seasons as an assistant coach with the Bulldog program.
  3. cmeister

    Most wins in a season.....

    Following some more research of the information available on the TSSAA website, 39 seems to be the most wins in a season. I found three more teams that won 39 games and state championships, bringing the total to six teams that have achieved that milestone. Maryville Porter (39-2), 1962-63 Maury Dandridge (39-0), 1965-66 Shelbyville (39-0), 1985-86 South Greene (39-0), 1986-87 Clarkrange (39-0), 2008-09 Memphis Central (39-9), 2010-11 Season records are listed for all state championship teams in TSSAA record, as well as state runner-up teams from 1986-present. Therefore, I would not have been able to find a team that won 39 (or more) games but did not play in the state finals. The above list may not be perfect. Feel free to post any additions to the list. Does anyone know of a team that won more than 39 games in a season?
  4. cmeister

    Most wins in a season.....

    Thanks for the correction, Hardcourt. It looked like the online information had not been updated in several years. I thought there had been one recently but could not remember who it was.
  5. Here is the schedule. Tuesday, Dec. 28 10 a.m. - Liberty vs. South Fulton 1 p.m. - Madison vs. Fulton City, KY 4 p.m. - Gleason vs. Dyer Co. 7 p.m. - Westview vs. Hickman Co., KY Wednesday, Dec. 29 10 a.m. - Liberty/South Fulton loser vs. Madison/Fulton City loser 1 p.m. - Gleason/Dyer Co. loser vs. Westview/Hickman Co. loser 4 p.m. - Liberty/South Fulton winner vs. Madison/Fulton City winner 7 p.m. - Gleason/Dyer Co. winner vs. Westview/Hickman Co. winner Thursday, Dec. 30 10 a.m. - 7th Place 1 p.m. - 5th Place 4 p.m. - 3rd Place 7 p.m. - Championship Catch all the games on Mix 101.3, WCMT-FM.
  6. cmeister

    Westview Lions Club Tourney Schedule?

    Here's what The Jackson Sun has: Monday, Dec. 27 6:00 p.m. - (G1) Gleason vs. Fulton City, KY 7:30 p.m. - (G2) Henry Co. vs. Hickman Co., KY Tuesday, Dec. 28 11:30 a.m. - (G3) Game 1 loser vs. Game 2 loser 2:30 p.m. - (G4) Dyer Co. vs. Game 1 winner 5:30 p.m. - (G5) Madison vs. Station Camp 8:30 p.m. - (G6) Westview vs. South Fulton Wednesday, Dec. 29 11:30 a.m. - (G7) G5 loser vs. G6 loser 2:30 p.m. - (G8) G2 winner vs. G4 winner 5:30 p.m. - (G9) G7 loser vs. G3 loser 8:30 p.m. - (G10) G5 winner vs. G6 winner Thursday, Dec. 30 11:30 a.m. - 7th Place (G4 loser vs. G9 winner) 2:30 p.m. - 5th Place (G3 winner vs. G7 loser) 5:30 p.m. - 3rd Place (G8 loser vs. G10 loser) 8:30 p.m. - Championship (G8 winner vs. G10 winner)
  7. cmeister

    Tragedy in Humboldt

    From the Jackson Sun: Kane Young, a Humboldt High School rising senior football player, died Thursday after being pulled from a swimming pool Wednesday night. His death appears to be an accidental drowning, said Humboldt police Assistant Chief Bill Baker. Young was initially taken to Humboldt General Hospital and then to the Regional Medical Center in Memphis, where he died. Young, a lineman, was the "heart and soul" of the Vikings football team, coach Dan Bland said. "It's devastating to everybody," Bland said. "I think he was going to be the best lineman in Tennessee." Young was a member of Murphy Fair's preseason Class 2A All-State team and set school weightlifting records in spring practice. "He really worked hard," Bland said. "He was an outstanding youngster." The death comes less than two weeks before the start of the school year and just a few days before the start of official football practices. "He was going to be fantastic," Bland said. "He was really looking forward to it." -- Prayers for Kane's family and friends, the Viking football team, and the Humboldt High School community.
  8. cmeister

    Great Job, Coacht!

    CoachT and crew, Just wanted to say THANKS for the outstanding job you guys do for high school sports in Tennessee. The last few days of downtime were difficult for lots of folks (myself included), but that is a compliment to you for providing a resource that is our first - and many times, only - stop for information on the teams we love and love to hate. Now the boards are back and better than ever! It was definitely worth the wait. So thanks again for this site - the boards, schedules, photos, standings, all of it. You guys make it fun to be a fan. RowdyRaider CoachT'er since 2002
  9. cmeister

    2010 Class AAA State Tournament

    Go to TSSAA.org. Click Softball below the Spring Fling logo. Then click Class AAA.
  10. cmeister

    2010 Class A State Tournament

    Here is the bracket: http://tssaa.org/2009Champions/StateSof ... /State.htm
  11. cmeister

    2010 Class AAA State Tournament

    Here is the bracket: http://tssaa.org/2009Champions/StateSof ... /State.htm
  12. cmeister

    2010 Class AA State Tournament

    Here is the bracket: http://tssaa.org/2009Champions/StateSof ... /State.htm
  13. cmeister

    Predictions- Camden vs. Goodpasture

    Final - Camden 2, Goodpasture 0 Brandenburg had, unofficially, 8 strikeouts. Camden makes its 5th state tournament appearance since 2000, including 3 of the last 4 years. Notably, Goodpasture misses the state tournament for the first time since 2002, with 6 consecutive state titles in between - that's an unbelievable run for a premier program. Hats off to both teams for a great game. Best of luck to Coach Baker and the Lady Lions.
  14. cmeister

    Predictions- Camden vs. Goodpasture

    Last chance for Goodpasture. Going to the top of the 7th, still trailing 2-0.
  15. cmeister

    Predictions- Camden vs. Goodpasture

    Camden strikes first, on a Jordan Kee single that scores two. Headed to the top of the 5th - Camden 2, Goodpasture 0