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  1. Good Luck To LA And Cannon Co. !
  2. The only thing in Rigsby's Head I am sure is one game @ a time and that was He and his boy's beating LA for a Third Time which they did. Not taking anything away from LA they were out Coached and out Played.
  3. Cannon County is for Real. They have already handed LA their hat twice this season. You just won't accept it.!!!
  4. The only Difference between this and the Blacksox Scandal in 1919 is the Money. Both Coaches Should be banned for Life !
  5. Come on Signal Mt. and Play Ball. Both Schools are Closed Snow Wednesday Nite. Should be a no Brainer For The Director Of Schools!!!
  6. Selections are mute @ this point. What Good HS Basketball Coach is going to offer such sats. Let opposing Teams research on their on. More than stats to seletions! All of 8AA are NOT public were ever you heard that. Congratulations To Cannon County Lions for Placing #10 in the AP Poll. Shine on 8AA and make us Proud !!!
  7. I belive it was 2 years ago CC and Coach Rigsby lost 8 . 5 were starters and watching him since then He and his Staff worked even harder. For Some reason the Harder Coach Rigsby pushed them the harder they played. That Is unusual for A home town Boy.
  8. Thank you ! LA just did not have a good nite. Still a class act team and program.
  9. Oldkoger I have the upmost respect for LA and their program. Being @ home and with the Defence They have been playing size does not matter. Still say 4-6 CC. They ran York till they were out by the first quater. It's been a long year Cream is a riding to the top
  10. No need breaking Red. If he is my buddy that is his prediction not mine who ever he is. If they have the same mind set as you looking that far ahead good luck to LA. That was not what I was taught.
  11. What ever happened to one game @ time. Can't live in the past or the future. Bring on the next one
  12. LA is going to be very tough but I think being @ Home Cannon by 4 or 6. That's as close as I can get.
  13. Agree But they will not call both ways every day every game. I guess they do the best they know how.
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