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  1. JungleJim125

    Humboldt vs Fayetteville

    I agree with u Mr. 87. I heard Fayetteville has a big guy thats pretty darn good. Just hope Jones can stay out of foul trouble. My buddy and I will be there to cheer the Viking on. Go Humboldt!
  2. JungleJim125

    Manassas vs Columbia at State Tournament

    I believe it may be many points scored in this one. I have seen Columbia play this year and they have some long ball shooters and i sure Manassas does as well.So i am not going to be surprise to see the scoreboard light up!
  3. JungleJim125

    Humboldt vs Fayetteville

    The Vikings wont get out coached i promise u that. I go with the Vikings because dont think Fayetteville has play a team with quickness of Humboldt or the pressure defense Humboldt plays. I not saying it will be a blow out but Humboldt wins by 8 to 12 points!
  4. JungleJim125

    2018-19 TSSAA Mr Basketball Award Winners

    No that is not why Jones did not win MR Basketball. The reason is they don not like Humboldt that is a fact he did not showboat anyway he may have got a little emotional at times but that is the way he plays alot of kids play that way. Congrats to Mr Harris he is a good player!
  5. JungleJim125

    Humboldt vs Fayetteville

    Who wins and why? This should be a good game.
  6. JungleJim125

    McKenzie Vs University School

    Don t know much about either team. I have seen Mckenzie play and they got some good long ball shooters. Good luck to both teams!
  7. JungleJim125

    Class A Sectional Matchups

    Nobody got cheated it was a hard fought game both teams gave it their all. It is time to move on and for Humboldt get ready for the Boro! MAHS you have got a darn good Basketball team!
  8. JungleJim125

    District 14A

    Would anyone know how Humboldt Jr High did last night they played for the 1 A Title and Milan played for the 2A Title?
  9. JungleJim125

    District 14A

    This game may be close a quarter or so. I just dont think Peabody has the personal to play with Humboldt.
  10. JungleJim125

    District 14A

    Trenton Jr High has got good size as well should be tough out looks like the future is good for Peabody Basketball. The kids have got start hitting the weigh room they are very thin.
  11. JungleJim125

    District 14A

    Humboldt also has a alot of talent coming up from Jr High as well. The Jr Viking have got alot of size coming to High School.
  12. JungleJim125

    District 14A

    It should be a great game tonight. Hard to make a prediction this early. But I am going out on the limb and picked Humboldt played some good teams. They are very quick regardless it should be a good game.
  13. JungleJim125

    South Gibson over Haywood

    Your are right!
  14. JungleJim125

    South Gibson over Haywood

    I talked to good source out of Humboldt said part of the reason was Humboldt Jr High played South Gibson Jr High at SG the other night and beat them pretty bad! He told me the tension was high in that game. As I posted before SG is soft!
  15. JungleJim125

    South Gibson over Haywood

    If Humboldt gets physical with SG and the stripes let them play. Humboldt will win by double digits the Hornets are soft!