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  1. memphissoccerpimp22

    Bruin Duals

    Thanks! You can watch it if you following Arlington on Twitter
  2. memphissoccerpimp22

    Prep Slam

    Congrats for the Tn teams For their placers. However Prep Slam is def not the same as when it first started when 1 memphis team was the first team to start going then few other Tn D2 team still started and at one point seemed like mostly all D2 schools were going. But not even other top teams across the country no longer attend this tourney. Not sure who or how it could be a top 10 tourney now.
  3. memphissoccerpimp22

    Bruin Duals

    Will there be anywhere to keep up with these matches?
  4. memphissoccerpimp22

    Nick Marable BEATS Burroughs!

    Yes on flo there is and maybe able to google it
  5. memphissoccerpimp22


    Congrats mr west on Ethan dominating performance so far I know your proud
  6. memphissoccerpimp22


    As an official the last thing anybody wants to do is tell someone they can't wrestle but it's the job to keep everyone safe even with a doctor note...I know several dr that aren't really familiar with stuff that wrestlers get cause I've had to go to several and educate them on some of the things... Hate to see it happen to him
  7. memphissoccerpimp22

    D2 state

    Heck give everyone a ribbon for participating then
  8. memphissoccerpimp22

    D2 state

    As someone who wrestled in the d2 I'm glad to see the bracket get smaller down to 8 however they need to only medal to 4 yes this is taking away 2 kids from getting a medal but just doesn't make sense why we would place 6 with only 8 wrestlers...
  9. memphissoccerpimp22

    Nick Marable wins gold for USA

  10. memphissoccerpimp22

    Nick Marable wins gold for USA

    Egypt is still open and they have a team but it seems like it's every other year which is crazy and Memphis catholic still open but no program and is basically a charter/city school now not what it used to be
  11. memphissoccerpimp22

    State tourney

    How is it that we host the state tourney at the Lipscomb school? Just curious I'm from Memphis and I just spent all day Sunday at the Memphis city championship and wonder what it would take to move the state tourney to the amazing venue the Fedex Forum???
  12. memphissoccerpimp22

    Top 220 in d1

    I understand your argument but that's also saying a kid who is injured all year and then finally gets to wrestle before the state tourney isn't fair either to the other wrestler.. I had to sit out my entire junior year cause of the dang transfer rules and the only thing I was able to wrestle was the State individual tourney..try telling your teammate thanks but we are wrestling off now so I can go to state now that I'm cleared isn't the easiest thing in the world...
  13. memphissoccerpimp22

    State Brackets are out

    I wonder how many other states screw up brackets like tn
  14. memphissoccerpimp22

    Top 220 in d1

    Prob because they knew that they only had a very short time to get it done or it would affect him..it's still amazing how a kid with this talent isn't at a bigger school
  15. memphissoccerpimp22

    Nick Marable wins gold for USA

    Yes and the school is officially closed now