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  1. TANK77


    I think Leach from Franklin will be a very good contender this year. He will definetly place in state and I wouldn't be surprised if he won it all this year even if it is only his 2nd year or wrestling.
  2. Good Luck guys I know you can bring home the Region Title! It belongs back in Fairview where it hasn't been in 13 years. A wise man once told me this "play with your heart and soul, and you will always come out on top." Oh yuh and I'll be flying in next Friday for the playoff game to see the team that everyone has been talking about for 10 weeks on here, the team that I love, the team that I admire more than anything, and the team that will make history in the record books for Fairview High School!
  3. Fairview-28 Loretto-7 Have fun on that 2hr bus ride boys and bring it one step closer to bringing home the region title.
  4. TANK77

    Rico Turner

    I played football at Fairview High School and wrestled. I'm playing up at Iowa Central and with Zack. Rico quit this year though.
  5. TANK77

    Rico Turner

    Rico is up here at Iowa Central and redshirting. Will doesn't play here anymore he just goes to college up here.
  6. I can't wait to go and watch the game , it should be quite exciting. I will have to go for the West since my boy Cothran will be playing on it and also Bobby Clift and Dailey representing Region 5 ! I also can't wait to see Boyd Buchanons qb, I really enjoyed watchin him in the finals against CPA, so I'd be nice to see what he can do against the best of the west. Alot of the other guys in the East.So hopefully I will be playing in it next year ! Tank of 03
  7. TANK77

    7 on 7 at Vandy

    I think that what DL did was a good idea and everything. If I were a coach I would want my boys to go out and just have fun and not really have a game plan or anything, as if they were playing backyard football. The camp was a competition for fun . If I were a coach and were the state champs I would have my boys to go out there and just have fun and throw the ball around. Even though they did only bring 7 guys that shows guts , I guess you can say and really does prove that they were out there to have fun and that they were the only state champs there ! Tank # 77
  8. Who all is going to the Vanderbilt 7 on 7 competition and the Lineman Challenge Camp?
  9. Fairview scored 5 or 6 Td's and Creekwood failed to score any . Tank
  10. Man you rag us for playing smaller teams and then you say we should play bigger schools. Wouldnt that make them playing the little schools so then they should get ragged. Your post makes no sense man get a life and not rag fairview. We play our hearts out that is all that matters.
  11. Well our line will be alot stronger and better than it was last year. We will be pretty much all balanced out . I'm sure we will be fine without Cothran, even though he will be hard to replace, but everyone has faith in our new junior running back. He has speed and moves and should be fun to watch. Who knows he may even brake one of Cothrans records with the line we have this year, but maybe not . Tank
  12. HaHa Hey man you played our jv last year . You maybe playin them this year but I'm not really sure, but if you played our Varsity it would be a totally different thing! Tank
  13. The reason Ezell did that to Loretto was b/c Loretto was playing dirty. An Ezell didn't wanna stope to there level of that kind of play so they did what any other team would do , so they ran the score sky high! Do I think that was the right thing to do ......................... YES! Tank # 77 Fear None Respect All Love GOD
  14. Man, yall need to put a tarp on yalls field or somethin before it rains. The last two years felt like I was playin in a mudd hole , I'm pretty sure Lewis Countys field doesn't absorb water! Tank # 77
  15. Naw, our schedule is really easy to tell ya straight up! Srry that I said a pushover or whatever. I guess I really wasn't thinking what I was saying and I apologize for that.I apologize to Hickman Cnty b/c I know that they are in the rebuilding age ,since they just got a new coach last year and everything Our schedule isn't hard at all. If we are playing Lewis Cnty in week 8 then that will be truly are hardest game of the year. Tank # 77
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