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  1. So? Your ole glory days don't really matter compared to recent history.
  2. This matchup brings back memories of the 2010 AAA soccer state championship contested by the two schools. But in next Friday's gridiron contest, who wins and why? Let's get the discussion rolling.
  3. Tough draw for the Commandos of Hendersonville. Home field advantage must play a big role in order for Hatfield and company to pull out this victory.
  4. The Commandos* weren't lucky.. This is one of the better Hendersonville teams I've seen in my years. Hats off to station camp for showing up but it's simply just the Commandos* year this go around.
  5. It is astounding how year after year, the campers of Station Camp believe they are the team to beat. A win over the Panthers of Portland is not a signature win (hate to break it to you). With the Commandos of Hendersonville on the plate, it seems as if Station Camps irrelevant season will fade away along with the rest of their hopes to beat Hendersonville. But then again, that didn't even happen when you had one of the greatest players to ever come through Sumner County in the playoffs last year. So I wouldn't expect for it to happen this Friday. HHS - 59 Station Camp - 4
  6. Can't make the game unfortunately... but I'll be supporting my commandos over here in Knoxville
  7. There may not be any 5 stars right now, but you're a fool to say some of these kids don't have the POTENTIAL to hit the mark
  8. Are there any other potential 5 star recruits in y'all's underclassmen? I know Hville has some pretty good kids coming up from the back to back undefeated Freshmen teams.
  9. Can't verify how good our special teams are to be honest, only seen one game out of these boys since I moved from the area.
  10. Simply speculation. I'm just saying it would put our district on the map more in the state.
  11. Good to here. looks like we'll have 2 of the best traveling fan bases in Tennessee getting together for this one.
  12. Excited to see Hurd-Malone usher in a new era of Tennessee football while representing our 9-AAA
  13. Will a lot of you Murville fans brave the weather conditions or would you rather just watch from home? (Since y'all have so many championships and all)
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