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  1. Kinda the pot calling the kettle black isn't it? Clarkrange girls basketball has people moving in from everywhere. Agreed it is an unfair advantage but the shiney new school will attract a few just like a shiney diamond will attract some women. To each his own. I wouldnt want that player or woman! Just work harder!
  2. He/she obviously has no class & quiet frankly, I for one am getting tired of seeing kids called out. Time for the "T" to shut him/her down. Should be a good game!
  3. Congrats to both young ladies! These two & their teams are having a great season.
  4. When a team brings in their reserves at the end of the game, don't press with your starters. It is a lack of class & may be a the reason the program is struggling to rebuild. Let the young ones get a few trips down the floor.
  5. Good point. Don't want to take away from a great game played by both. Good luck to both and hope they meet again.
  6. You are surely right my friend. I just couldn't allow them to hold without their best ball handler. Not knocking Leslie, she has done a great job over the years & I respect her. Just for conversation, could you sit and allow a team that shoots as well as Upperman spread the floor?
  7. Would have liked to see them capitalize on one of the top players in the state being fouled out.
  8. Good game both teams. LA allows Upperman to hold for the last shot again. This time it cost them. Congrats bees
  9. May need some quarters for this cake walk!
  10. Congrats to all 8AA teams advancing.
  11. If they win region? There chances are good. If LA makes it to the regional final, it will be hard to beat them a 4th time. I wouldn't call 7 points a cake walk. If they don't win region? Their chances of going to state are slim to none!
  12. This is a little different than your comment of no one else on Uppermans level. I would think a team on a higher level than the rest, would have no problem home or the road. This LA team has lacked the fire of teams past. Nothing like the bees coming to town to get that fire going. Time will tell.
  13. No one in this district is good enough to run away with it. Proven when one of the 1st place teams throws up a prayer with 2 seconds left to beat a last place team. I believe SC may be the most balanced team. All will have more losses before district is over. Top 4 is wide open. Districts this year will be the funnest tourney we have had in a long time.
  14. Is this based on the thumping/trip to the woodshed that Pickett put on LA? Pickett handled JC pretty well that beat UHS also. Baylor beat UHS then turned around & lost to LA. I agree the bees are favored but to say no one else is on the same level is ridiculous. PC would also thump Upperman. I will say if this LA team has pride in tradition like teams from LA'S past, they will bounce back after an embarrassing beating on their own home crt. My bet is they do!
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