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  1. I never thought Camden would take 2 from CW. Sounds lik Harpeth better bring their "A" game Saturday.
  2. ok i made a prediction and creek wood couldn't follow through. so they are not as good as they and others(myself included) thought they were. my hats off to harpeth. come monday and tuesday harpeth is ours. and for creek wood they have several punks.
  3. prediction- harpeth gets run ruled both games
  4. cause you want a mark in the lose column
  5. word i am hearing across the river is that foriest is done for the season. ks any truth? coachrop what about hooper?
  6. thats to young for travel ball, let them be kids and have fun in a rec league
  7. 1. Creek Wood takes it all 2,3 & 4........ up in the air. could be any of the teams could fill these slots. i don't remember harpeth having a stud
  8. hey ks i heard you guys have had more players quit, any truth and could any of them made a impact?
  9. i hear forriest pulled himself after 1 or 2 batters, what happened
  10. cheathamfan09


    congrats to all who have signed. i have a question though, is it to late to be seen and offered a scholarship, we don't get alot of exposure at cheatham.
  11. read the post started by thunderstik and you will see
  12. I was just about to ask about him. I understand he just committed to Ole Miss. LHP? Any info would be appreciated. Did the Foriest kid not play at Ensworth as a Frosh & Soph before transfering to Harpeth? If so why did he leave Ensworth? yes he did play there. why he left depends own who is answering it.
  13. what about foriest from harpeth? i hear he is d1 bound.
  14. will the new coach be in place after the dead period?????????
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