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  1. You are right. This is great exposure. I used to HATE the way Coach Clayton scheduled games but I now see that he was trying to get our team exposure and play in big games. It is not his fault that the administration at FHS does not want football to be big like it is in Rutherford County. Enough with the Clayton bashing. ThaChop is only trying to make him look bad. Are you a parent of a senior that did not get to play much????? I bet so.
  2. Quit listening to Thachop. He is only trying to make Franklin and Coach Clayton look bad.
  3. Crawl back under whatever rock you came out from under. if you are "BackinTN" then go back to where you came from. This is just simply NOT TRUE! Rebels are working hard to beat Indy and you start this rumor. Are you a secret Indy fan that is nervous?
  4. Leave it alone and lets play football. Just rumors and all talk. NOTHING to it at all. This is so stupid to think any different. Go Rebels. I can't wait til tomorrow night. Going to be a great game and I think the Rebel Offense will show the Indy defense who is boss. Let's go Rebels. Keep your head straight and win the district.
  5. He is not going anywhere. Principal and him have not gotten along for a long time and he is still our coach. Leave this alone and lets play football.
  6. Yes he is a member of the dandy dozen and yes he is being recruited. Why would an offer be taken away after one bad game. Besides whoever you are, were you at the game? Are you blaming the whole offense mistakes on Matt? Who cares about "across the road"? and from what we watched Matt cant block the guys then throw and then catch the ball. It takes more guys doing good too!
  7. I believe we will here a lot of that Friday Night. Big Tailgate night when the Cougars come to town! Now, Taco will get on here after the game and tell us how BIG 6A school beat the little 5A school as that is his ammo now. Oh or he will remind us that we have never won a state championship. Either way it will be fun at Howard Gamble Stadium and the Rebels will DESTROY the cougars.
  8. You know mr taco, you were the one that came on here and started all the Centennial is "an up and coming team" crap. Not us! You can bring it but you can't take it at all. Now it is soooooooooo obvious to everyone involved that now you are doing damage control. You know that the Rebels will beat the Cougars once again so you start this 6A 5A stuff. (you are right we have never won a state championship so don't come back screaming that crap either). You chose this fight. If not you would have stayed as an Indy fan (which I find so funny that you just change, but you know so much about the FHS/CHS history) FHS will beat CHS again this year. You might be correct that in years to come CHS will win one of these games. All streaks are made to be broken, but one thing is for sure it won't happen this year. Now come on here and give me the 0-228 or 0-100 years whichever you want but come this Friday the only thing that will count is this year teams and we know who will win.
  9. I bet you do like his posts chsteamplayer: aka: retiredtothebleachers and as we all know TACO! Go Rebels. I will tell you right now. Rebels win big next Friday. Hey, Taco it might be best for you not to show up this week it is going to get ugly.
  10. Well I guess I am not most. Our defense was fine last year and inFACT it was pretty darn good! I think with as many players as we have back that someone needs to get them in the right spot and lets get to playing Rebel Defense. All I know is your so called "hasn't been the same" has been average at best at his new place. I think I remember a few teams scoring nearly 70 in one game. Get with the team pylon and quit trying to cause problems!
  11. Well since you have all this magic, are you also a wizard???? I am tired of this crap! If you are Eubanks then shame on you. There is no reason you should be making statements like this. Coach Clayton is going nowhere. He is the FHS coach and will be next year. He has told many of us that he likes it here and as long as the school will work with him he will stay. I was one that got on him about his scheduling and I have begun to see what he was thinking. I hated that we were going to KY to play games, but he is trying to get us exposure. Now, we are not allowed to go get exposure. I was told that FHS was the team that was suppose to play Saint X this week but they would not allow us to play them. That is how Riverdale got them. At least we get a little exposure this week with the TV game. Coach Clayton is trying his best to show off players to college scouts but some people do not want that to be done.
  12. I was wrong on the score, but you will be wrong on the long season. If we play like we did in the second half we will win a bunch of games!!!!!
  13. Congrats to the Stars. you played a great game. I just wish the Rebels would have shown up for the first half.
  14. I do not believe this at all. Taco enough. Go to your Centennial/Independence threads and leave us alone until we meet in two weeks. Man, I can't wait for the Rebels to run all over the cougars. TACO, you make me sick.
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