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  1. How long was he there and what was his record?
  2. He’s on a 25 game losing streak. His 2 playoff appearances were with 5 win and 3 win teams. Hendricks was a huge part in his success then. There’s not much coaching done on the sidelines by him. He can’t wait until the end of the game to tell how good of a coach he is and how terrible the players are. He’s ran off some great young coaches. If they bring someone in now they will win between 3-4 games next year. That Junior class is big in numbers and other athletes would come out. He will destroy that program if he stays.
  3. Time to bring the moving truck in! 14-68 in 8 seasons. Does not promote players to the next level. Does not talk to or send stats into media outlets. Has alienated most people that want to help the program. Nobody wants to hear about or cares about what happened in 98 with a bunch of D1 players. Nobody wants to hear war stories. If the AD does not do something then he needs to go too. It’s now or never! One more year with him and the program will be lost forever.
  4. In the LC game Heritage ties it up at 14 in the 4th. Onside kick leads to LC starting at the 50. They march down and score. Field position is huge in close games! In his mind he’s the greatest coach in high school football. If you don’t believe me just ask him.
  5. To be fair the asst. principal was not on the budget committee. He was pushing for the field houses. The budget committee was made up of the mayor, 2 city of Maryville commissioners (Caylor, Anderson) a citizen from Alcoa and Stinnett from the WB district. Stinnett was the only vote for yes. Caylor was Mitchell’s puppet and was constantly against the field houses. Mitchell is pushing for the rehabilitation center for the jail so he can pad his and Berrongs pockets some more.
  6. I’ve been in attendance the last 8 years. Karns was a 5A School that had only won 1 game this year. The issues were tackling, halftime adjustments and strength/conditioning. Guess who’s also in charge of strength/conditioning? Mr EGO himself. The games that Heritage has been in at halftime the other teams have made adjustments at halftime and had more stamina in the 2nd half. That falls on your HC/strength/conditioning. You open the 2nd half of the Karns game and kick the ball directly to their stud and he runs it back 70 yards. Or in the LC game your defense is actually playing tough and has you in the game but he continually kicks the onside kick that gives LC the short field and puts your defense in a bad situation. The Jedi mind tricks on people are over. He has been exposed time and time again. It’s time for change.
  7. It’s time for Hammontree to move on. His dicktator style of coaching was good in the beginning to tame some of the parent situations. Now he has taken it to an extreme. He has cut all ties with everyone. People want to help and despite his record the stands are still pretty full. He’s ran good players and good coaches off. Unfortunately the AD and principal are scared of the HC. He will continue to run this program in the ground. After the next 2 games his tenure at HHS will be 14-68 in 8 seasons.
  8. mountaineer

    All Region

    Anyone know when All Region selections come out? Also, where are they published when they do come out? Thanks in advance!
  9. Up by 41 in the 4th Qtr and Cummings is still throwing the ball. What a tool.
  10. It’s a team that definitely can’t afford injuries. This 6 game stretch is brutal. It’s hard to watch at times but I respect their fight. 4 is like a Timex. He takes a licking and keeps on ticking behind that young, young line. 34 is a big, hard straight ahead runner that is back from injury that could help take some pressure off. 21 and 38 never come off the field but they play wide open until the final whistle. I’m not sure what the future holds but theres some young men that are getting baptized by fire. I’d hire any of these 40 +\- young men in the future over the quitters walking the halls.
  11. Free admission this year? I will definitely partake in some Big Ed’s. Look forward to this trip every other year. Good luck to you guys as well.
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