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  1. mountaineer

    All Region

    Anyone know when All Region selections come out? Also, where are they published when they do come out? Thanks in advance!
  2. Up by 41 in the 4th Qtr and Cummings is still throwing the ball. What a tool.
  3. It’s a team that definitely can’t afford injuries. This 6 game stretch is brutal. It’s hard to watch at times but I respect their fight. 4 is like a Timex. He takes a licking and keeps on ticking behind that young, young line. 34 is a big, hard straight ahead runner that is back from injury that could help take some pressure off. 21 and 38 never come off the field but they play wide open until the final whistle. I’m not sure what the future holds but theres some young men that are getting baptized by fire. I’d hire any of these 40 +\- young men in the future over the quitters walking the halls.
  4. Free admission this year? I will definitely partake in some Big Ed’s. Look forward to this trip every other year. Good luck to you guys as well.
  5. Is the Murphy Fair magazine sold in East Tenn? I can’t find it.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QTy4fUiKdd4&sns=em
  7. All I said was some good County QB's help win some gold balls for Alcoa and Maryville. Then Barney comes in with his fairy tale. To each his own I could care less but don't make up stuff. His first post was "a hand full of those boy's on Friday wearing their football jerseys heading to school at Heritage when they could have went to Maryville." I called him out on that players don't wear the jerseys home and theres only one player from the city then his next post was "seeing a kid at the market and it was a lineman because I do remember that for sure." So we went from a hand full to a single lineman in one day. The only city player on the team is a safety/WR. You guys can gang up and pile on me all you want because that's what you do on here. All I ask is present the facts and not fairy tales. Geez!
  8. I don't want your city players. I just want the truth. Not this made up crap. I'm not administration or a coach just a fan that will always defend my school.
  9. Those jerseys never leave the stadium. The boys are not allowed to leave the grounds with them. There's only one player on the team that lives in the city and his dad is an administrator at another county school. Not sure where you see these fictitious players at but apparently they are imposters.
  10. False. They don't wear Game jersey's on Friday's at Heritage. Haven't since Coach Ham has been there. Good try though!
  11. Walland, Townsend and Old Glory areas are rich in Maryville/Alcoa QB's.
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