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  1. Thanks Znews! I assume Catholic, West and Bearden are fighting for the last two spots?
  2. Absent the obvious reasons, i think this is a HUGE win for West because of what it does in the district. Farragut will hang two losses on everybody else in the district, so this is like a "get out of jail free" card! does anybody know the current district standings?
  3. 21 is a lot in a phone booth. I dont that Farragut is considerably smaller than other fields in East TN.
  4. Not that I have a dog in this fight...but a couple observations. First, I think Coach Lovett, who interacts with Coach Tate more than any of us, makes great points, and I think his post should be taken seriously. Second, As a poster on here, how would you define a successful year? I guess historically, its been to finish 2nd to Farrgut, and be competitive in the region. Last year was probably a bonus by going to the state. so if they finish 3rd or 4th this year, and are competitive, is that success? or is that failure? Like I said, I don't have a dog in this fight, but would be interested in everyone's perspective.
  5. Is there a link to the complete schedule anywhere?
  6. I tend to agree with Reb. I saw them early against Webb, and the defense was awful. But then against Catholic, they looked solid defensively. Before I would blame too much on the staff, I would think we should recognize that 16-18 year old boys are inconsistent. Lets enjoy it for what it is
  7. This, if true, is very disappointing. Like them or not, Pharr had a classy program. If Buckner actually did say something to the fans, it would be surprising and disappointing. He seemed to run a class program at Bearden from the few times i went there. Does anybody have more details? I would especially like to hear from Farragut people who were at the game.
  8. On Wednesday, Catholic beat Lenoir City 11 - 0 and Farragut beat Bearden 6 -2. Was interesting to see Bearden's game plan unfold. Basically, walk Delmonico and make the other bats beat you. Almost worked as I dont recall an extra base hit by Farragut, and several strikeouts with runners in scoring postion. Bearden doesnt play good defense, with a couple critical erros again last night. With better defense, that game is probably 4-2. Pfeifer struggled early, but settled in and looked great. Just my random thoughts
  9. Williams at Farragut touches low 90's
  10. oldschool, I doubt you've played a inning of baseball in your life, so you probably have no place to talk about people being bad or not. First off, Travis Scates can drop bombs. He's a heck of a hitter, he's already signed to Maryville College. Second, he has a cannon and a quick pop time behind the dish. If you think about running on this guy, you better think twice. He also plays third and could be in the lineup for Bearden there this year. He's an all around good player and this just shows how underestimated he is. I've watched him play for a long while and he definitely has the talent to be a standout player this year in the 4-AAA district. Is Scates hurt? I didnt see him in the lineup against Webb. Did he play against Catholic? In fact, I didnt see any seniors in Bearden's lineup in the Webb game.
  11. Good post Solo! I agree that Traywick has done a wonderful job at SC. Its sometimes hard to follow them here Knox co. good luck this year
  12. Saw the boxscore of the Catholic vs Bearden game in the KNS this morning and was surprised. Bearden 13, Catholic 3. Is Catholic overrated? Is Bearden underrated? I was also surprised Anders didn't throw for Catholic. Is he still hurt?
  13. colorado?? thats a long way from Roane State
  14. was a pretty good game on a cold night. Both teams showed early season jitters with a few errors. was surprised pitching didnt dominate more. Both starters struggled. Usually pitchers are ahead of hitters early in season, and would have thought so even more given how cold it was.
  15. SC has been building ever since Traywick got there. I think they will be competitive everytime they line up this year
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