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  1. Congratulations Powell! Good luck this season!!! Let’s go Devils! End goal still the same! Go Greene!
  2. I’m so excited about this game!!!!! Love those Greene Devils!!!
  3. Come on Mav—— it’s never too soon for Devilman to start—- He’s all green and white and the team to this point hasn’t given him a reason to not talk smack! Go Devils
  4. Where have you been Devilman??? It’s about that time!!!! Greene Devil Time!
  5. I love the spirit!
  6. I’ve heard this before Mavericksinflight Lol
  7. Are we scrimmaging anyone for spring??
  8. Mav, the statues and the championship trophies are still there!!!! The stable is still full too!!! Remember blood makes that grass grow! Oh, you’re going to get some blood in the dose of “Youngblood” lol.... Good luck this season....... but ....... nahhhhhh
  9. Go Devils!!! Hate to see The Ballard’s leave the program!! But..... I know we are in good hands with Hammonds and staff!!!
  10. Lawdy Lawdy .... Just cause your “guy” didn’t get it let’s stay calm (lol). Go Devils!
  11. If they hire OUTSIDE there will be multiple coaches leave!
  12. No way Ballard goes to DB!! He’s going to enjoy watching his son on Saturday’s and his twin daughters cheer and play sports. If the guy wanted to coach he would have stayed at G-Vagus!
  13. You think the current staff will work for Cody Baugh?????? If they don’t promote from within there will be a lot of fall out!!!!
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