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  1. Early on it looks like Cumberland and Grundy. Sequatchie can play the spoiler on any given night. Bledsoe played Grundy tight for the first half even though the score got ugly. Not sure about the mighty Warriors from Marion County. They should improve as the season goes along.
  2. Non-region game this year. Thoughts and predictions?
  3. Not winning..... game over. Grundy drops this one 28-8.
  4. The assigning umpire has been contacted. I in no way meant the coach was out of line. Good coaches gain every advantage they can. This umpire was not a rookie and to me tried to make himself bigger than the game. Not the first time I have seen such behavior. My only reason for bringing this to the surface was more and more we see umpires showing little or no respect for the game and rule interpretations that are pulled out of a hat. Thanks for everyone's input and for keeping it civil. Thank you to the umpires who call the game and try to stay invisible. It's not about you, it's about the kids.
  5. Not crying, hence the user name. Looking for opinions from coaches and umpires alike. Opposing coach questions left handed pick to first between innings. Field umpire walks over to mound and draws what he thinks is a 45 degree line. Tells pitcher not to step over or it is a balk. Field umpire goes even farther by standing 6-7 feet behind the mound in front of the second basemen with a runner on. Sole focus was on the pitchers foot. I know some will say teach your kids how to pick properly. College coaches have told him it's a great move. It's an understood rule in baseball that a three man crew may get that call correct but my question is about umpiring integrity? What are your thoughts?
  6. This will get a little long winded. For starters, I am not a north/south person but a Grundy County graduate. We have so many deficiencies that winning football games should pale in comparison. Two schools on the mountain? Folks, we cannot properly fund the school system with just one high school. The funding will never be available for two high schools in Grundy County. If we sit back long enough you will see that funding 6 grammar schools in our county will break us. Now I am not an accounting expert but if the process has worked for surrounding counties (both financially and athletically) then it would work in Grundy County. Our children deserve the same opportunities as our neighbors. Curriculums and the overall atmosphere changes when you place 6-8 grade under one roof and keep the pre-k-5 together. This is beneficial for both academics and athletics as well as the safety of our pre-k through 5 grade students. I realize this wipes out big 8 basketball but that one thing has been the biggest thorn dividing this county. People wonder why Bledsoe county has become succeful, why Sequatchie county dominates, why Whitwell not only competes but beats Grundy county.....folks, there is a common denominator and it is not coaching. It is our complete disregard for doing what is responsible. Build a middle school. With that said, I can hear the arguments coming for why we need all six grammar schools. They are all selfish. Property values will not decrease because you now live 5-10 miles further from a school. Your community will not collapse. Your businesses will not close. Businesses do not open because of schools, they open because of communities supporting them. Give our kids 2-3 additional years of learning and playing together and watch the progress both on the field and in the classroom. Any coach with high expectations would be crazy to want a job on the mountain. Until we can do what's right, until our priorities are in order, until we embrace the necessary change, Grundy county will continue to fall further and further behind. Not just in the classroom but on the scoreboard.
  7. The son of the late Chris Pickett who coached football and baseball at Grundy Co.
  8. The Grundy County Bullpen Boosters would like to invite teams to their 14th annual 2013 end of season tournament. For the past 13 years Grundy County has teamed up with neighboring counties to field a 16 team 4 game guarantee (6 games for the champion and runner up) tournament. This tournament is a perfect primer as you head into post season play. This years (2013) tournament will be held April 25th-27th with host sites at Lookout Valley, Sequatchie County, Whitwell, and Grundy County. The tournament fee is $275.00 and teams provide 3 game balls. We will do our best to place teams at the most logistic site and avoid possible matchups with district opponents. Please feel free to call 931-224-5576 (cell) or 931-692-5427 (school) for more information.
  9. Prayers from Grundy County. I pray Lord that you will provide the Gant family with the strength and comfort that is needed. Lay your healing hand upon their entire community.
  10. There is the issue! You have to put the next guy on and set up the force at any bag......What was your coach thinking? Sounds like Garland got his way!
  11. Gotta put my 2 cents in. The Junior Jacket baseball team has won back to back district titles. If you took the top 10-15 basketball players in the big 8, Grundy would dominate anyone around. Now to the school situation. The HS was designed to be added on to. There is actually room in the school now for 7th and 8th graders. If you were to close palmer and coalmont the money saved in overhead and maintenance would nearly pay for the additional 12 classrooms and other modifications that would be needed. The academic impact would be significant. The course offerings would be better. The students would mature faster in the HS atmosphere. It just makes sense and I wonder when we will elect people who care about what is best for the kids and the county. Notice that I put the kids first. Second is the county and all it's tax payers. Poor decisions by our school board as a whole (5-4) continues to set us back academically, financially, and athletically. All for what? All based on a personal agenda.....everyone knows this. What is best for Grundy County would be for everyone in favor of moving this county forward to come together and fight for what is best. Talking about it on an athletic forum is not going to get anywhere. You have 3 women who will vote against anything benefiting our athletes. It will have to be addressed as an academic benefit. Just my opinion. Congrats on the win tonight big G.
  12. The middle school or Jr. Jacket program should be a feeder program that prepares kids for high school. You can expect the program to stay average at best over the next 4-6 years. This county has produced some great "pee-wee" teams in the past but they were competing against the kids who didn't make their local middle school team. Same situation this year. I will defend the HS coaching staff on this one. People are asking, "How can we be so successful in the 11/12's and then fall off at the HS level"? Easy answer. When your 7th and 8th graders are playing against 6th graders the competition is not very good. When Coach Bryant and his staff take control of the pee-wee programs and realize the importance of the Jr. Jackets, Grundy County will become a better football team. Good luck this week Yellow Jackets. According to TSSAA you are still in the playoff hunt......
  13. I couldn't agree more. The fact that every county around us has a middle school should tell you something. As a graduate of Grundy County High School i am embarrassed by our school board and their inability to look beyond "Big 8" basketball. Having 6 grammar schools (pre-k thru 8th grade)breads nothing but dissension among our athletes and fans. As a school board they had rather accommodate the old school buddy system and vote to remodel decrepit school houses instead of building a new one. Grundy County will continue to struggle at the high school level until this is resolved. I also agree with the earlier post about the offense we are running. What ever happened to gut, wham, belly, and the triple option? There is truth in names.....those plays are designed for big, slow, and strong teams. We are running "jet" and "speed" with those same kids. It's like naming your child Wilbur and expecting him to be a track star.....not gonna happen. With kids like Johnny, Michael, Hayden, Austin, Schylar, Terrince, Derrick, Jessie, Colby, William, Dakota, Dillon, Robert, Claude, and Evan.......we need to pound the ball! Just speaking the truth. It would be different with kids named Jabron, Mikel, Da-Rick.
  14. Davenport will keep CCS competitive with a chance to split with every district opponent. Grundy returns 7 starters from last years team. They also return their entire pitching staff. Grundy also adds a promising freshman class once again this year. The Yellow Jackets split with all district teams last year except CCS. Who knows whats in store for district 7AA. Could be interesting once again. What about the Irish and Warriors? Grundy travels to Cascade today barring any rain.
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