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  1. This is for all the Harpeth football players and coaches Just want to say THANKS for a great year. Coaches, Thanks for your endless hours that your have put into this team. Week after week you guys have played with heart and have given 100% for each other and for the fans. I just want to say Thanks. For those of you who are moving on. Good luck. Go into this world with the same heart and 100% and you will go far in life. Its been fun to be a part of. Thanks for all the memory's. Now, This is for all the PC players, coaches, band, and fans. Thanks for a great game! You guys are welcome at Harpeth anytime. Its fun to watch a group of kids that love what their doing. Your football team came to harpeth for one purpose. That was to play football. No smack talk, no cheap shots. Just good ole hard hitting, fast running football. Your football team is very disciplined. That starts with the coaching staff. Same with you band. You can tell that they work very hard and love what they do. So again thanks! Good luck to you all.
  2. Not a Bash Just his OPINION RIGHT?
  3. Hey ksgovols, aka:little man! Have you heard Cheatham beat Harpeth. Wow. I didn't know. I sure wish some of you Cheatham fans would have lets us all know. (Like 1263 Times) Hey did you know, we are the only team in 11aa still playing. Don't that just get your goat. Naaaaaaaaaaa. Get it, Goat Naaaaaaaaa . See you at the game SON.
  4. Your right it is a waste of time. I mean its just good clean fun to get under their skin. Some of these guys have been on CoachT forever. Just fun to have a new battle. Great to see Harpeth fans getting all fired up. You know, Some you win some you lose and some just get rained out. Thats life I understand all that.Harpeth has a great group of kids. Lots of heart, lot of drive and most of the time we play pretty smart football. Will hate to see them play their last night of 2011. Will that be this week or not? Not sure, know one knows. Hope not but if so, its been a great year. I hope for nothing but the very best for the guys. Its been a fun year. Good luck to then all. Go Harpeth!!!!!
  5. Dear howdoitknow, First of all your name should be howdoitknowsolittle! I have forgot more about sports than you ever knew. Go back and read my post or have someone read it to you. Read it 8 or 10 times. Read it slow. Maybe you will get it. Your argument steps all over its self. Did Cheatham play the very same week after week? NO!!! Sometimes they would drop passes. Sometimes they would run for touchdowns.Sometimes good handoffs sometimes not. Not because of other teams D, but just because some games you play better than others. You getting any of this? Your own Big Time radio station said you guys played your best game againest Harpeth. You did not get our best. Know where near our A game. I get it you win. you win We lose. Call us flat, sloppy,lifeless, unprepared, WHATEVER!!! YOU DID NOT GET OUR BEST. By the way, Have you ever said to anyone I'm schizophrenia and so am I? Just wondered! Just wondered!
  6. REALLY! So lets see, Harpeth beats Creekwood 41 to 16 and Creekwood beats Cheatham 29 to 28 so Harpeth is better than Creekwood and Creekwood is better than Cheatham so that makes Cheatham better than Harpeth. Man, Your as lost as last years Easter eggs! Cheatham was better than Harpeth on that night. And no other. They got a Gift. And if you don't think so you know less about football than we all thought. Your season is over . Why dont you go over to the basketball or baseball forums and tell everyone how much better the Cubs are than everyone elsa.
  7. Hey Thanks, You may be rite. 21 to 7 Harpeth! Oh Don't get so down on yourself you may get lucky and score!
  8. So the five teams that beat them must be VERY VERY GOOD RITE?
  9. Oh i wasn't saying you were hiding anything. Just letting everybody know he was good to go. Glad he is okay. He and Cheatham had a great game. Good luck next week.
  10. Harpeth should have stayed on this side of sam's creek tonight! All i can say is Cheatham made us look bad, real bad. Cheatham 27 Harpeth 7 Got to play much better if we want a win in the playoffs. P S Potts played every play tonight! Didn't look hurt to me. Good luck to all 11aa teams.
  11. Wow sorry to hear about Potts. Knew he went out last week hurt. But with no updates just thought he must be okay. He is a big time play maker. Would have liked to see both teams with all their guns. Will he be back for the playoffs? (Hope so) Hope its a good game with no injury's to either team.
  12. Okay so now I'm a cry baby! I tryed to be nice, But no you just had to start the name calling. Must have to talk real slow so you can get it. Just said we had plays we would like to take back. just like you and everyone elsa that has ever played the game. Boy sure glad everybody on T did'nt have to here you guys CRY after your two loses to Westview and Huntingdon. Shoulda,Coulda,Woulda, Just go back to the CAMDEN? WHATS HAPPENING TOPIC and see what you wrote New head coach, undersized, not playing like a team, is it discipline? lack of talent, small d line, small o line.and on and on. Sure sounds like crying to me. Now we can play fair and talk Camden and Creekwood or we can name call! It's all on you.
  13. Thats good stuff guys! Thanks for all that history. Two great schools with lots of good games in the past, this one should be fun to watch as well. Good luck to both teams
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