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  1. I guess no one has any openings.
  2. Hi Everyone The Alcoa Lady T's are in need of some games to fill out our schedule. These dates are ones we would like to fill: Aug 13 Sept 5 Sept 10 Sept 19 We are willing to travel 45 minutes to an hour. It would be ideal if we could have a mix of home and away games. This could be a two year situation where you come to us and we come to you or vice versa. Please reply here with a way to contact you if you are interested.
  3. Gatlinburg Pittman won Class "A" last year and should be very good again.
  4. I think there is a great deal to be said for the experience and learning what it takes to compete at the state level. I was so proud of Polk County, from our end of the State, making it to State, getting a win and having a strong showing in the second game. I think if we give it time, "A" will grow and get straightened out. There is some work to do at getting the Districts right, but this all takes time. Splitting and having an "A" Division was the right thing to do.
  5. Hats off to Signal Mountain. Our game with them, if you did not have a team would gave been great to watch. It was end to end soccer all game. Formation changes, positions changes all on the fly from both teams. Quality soccer. Lots of heart, lots of guts on the field. I wont give a pick, both teams are quality and well coached. "A" is a really fun Division to play in. I am so glad they did this.
  6. AlcoaDad

    Showing Class

    We were in two PK shootout this week. Our girls are like the walking dead! As coaches and players, we were to into the situation to notice anything regarding the fans. Madison Magnet and Signal Mountain are classy programs with good fans. Everyone on the sidelines got along with no issues. During the PK Shootout with Madison Magnet, our keepers mom and their keepers mom held hands supporting each other.
  7. Polk County 2 Gatlinburg Pittman 0. Polk County joins Alcoa from East Tennessee going to State in "A". Congratulations Polk County!
  8. Congrats to Maryville and good luck. Two teams from our County going state! It's a great day in Blount County!
  9. There has to be more to this besides a player and a ref not getting along. That is what "Red" cards are for. You just don't walk off the field as a group.
  10. Alcoa 2 Gatlinburg Pittman 1 Alcoa wins Region 1A hosts Oneida Saturday. Polk County 3 Oneida 2 Polk County wins Region 2A and hosts Gatlinburg Pittman Saturday.
  11. Gatlinburg Pittman 3 Chucky Doak 2 Overtime Gatlinburg Pittman plays at Alcoa Thursday.
  12. Alcoa 7 University High 0
  13. AlcoaDad

    "A" Scores

    District 1A Finals Chucky Doak 2 Univ. High 0 District 3A Finals Oneida 2 Cumberland Gap 1 District 4A Polk County 1 Greenback 0
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