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  1. Well, lets look at some reasons why the application list could be long: 1). Only had three seniors starting on offense 2). Only had two or maybe three seniors starting on defense 3). Coaching supplements upgraded last year and now VERY competitive if not ahead of surrounding schools 4). Outstanding facilities "THE HOLE". Beautiful field, new lights, new visitor bleachers seats 1000, 5). One of the best Boosters club in TN that does NOT try to tell coaches how to run the program 6). In just the past few years some of the accomplishments of the booster club with ZERO, NO help from the county: Beautiful indoor practice facility, with turf, many colleges would love to have this facility, new field house, new baseball field, new softball field, concession stand and bathrooms on visitor side. Many more achievements by the booster club, charter buses is another, that are structure facilities and many, many smaller achievements. As does most schools, additional coaching supplements paid to coaches run thru school to be legal. Attractive job? you decide. Discipline in school system very good backed by DOS and BOE. I could go on and on but I think you get the situation. Gary Rankin started the tradition several years back follow by Jimmy Maynord. Ripe, prime territory!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Also, Wilmore, our TB, had an asthma attack and had to leave the game when we were on MC's one yard line and the replacement missed the hole and was stopped one yard short which would have won the game also.
  3. Now, tell us what you really think 1965!!
  4. with the offense that York runs, you must have two quick guards a good fullback that can mesh good with the qb and good deception. with the qb back and a game experience York could be hard to contain. LB's can't get caught up looking into the backfield and not reading keys. The guards will take you to the ball unless you false key. Should be a good game.
  5. School boards in the state of TN can only fire/hire DOS and NO personnel. This was, I am sure, brought to the BOE but final say belongs to DOS.
  6. This should be a good game. A lot rides on this game for both teams.
  7. My bad UC Man, failed to see your post a couple days ago.
  8. Where is Upper Cumberland Man? Has he left town?
  9. You are correct on the offensive side but lets also look on the defensive side of the ball. We HAVE TO ADJUST while on the field and at half time. Our opponent will find a soft spot and pound us all night and we won't adjust. Every team we have played this year has done this to us and we haven't adjusted yet. Granted with Goolsby, three year junior starter at fullback and middle linebacker, out could have played a part against D.C., but that calls for more adjustments to help cover for the freshman who took his place on both sides of the ball.
  10. Back before the season started I said I hope he stayed healthy with no injuries to cause any problem with his baseball scholarship. For us 'old farts' we remember Dizzy Dean and his injury and what it caused.
  11. Oh my goodness, I thought we got rid of you!!!!!! Just kidding little buddy. Hey, did you know the two guys that got killed Sat. afternoon from Westmoreland in the wreck in Macon Co.? I think I knew one of them. That was a bad situation. Sorry for the families.
  12. No question about it zebra, if you don' contain Jennings it can cause you a bunch of problems.
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