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  1. I went and watched BC at Murvil Friday night....maybe they get intimidated when they play Murvil as that happens to a lot of teams, but I was not very impressed with BC.
  2. Congrats to Maryville on a dominating win.....IMO, the Defense and the O-line both deserve a game ball, those two units have improved so much since the Catholic scrimmage. Very tough, gritty performances from #9 and #24.
  3. I went to the Maryville / Catholic scrimmage tonight, but I heard WB looked really good against OR....can anyone give an update?
  4. Yep….they whipped us and Tee looked awful good. They will be the favorite to do it again this year.
  5. OR can keep it close if they can get pressure on the WB QB....but I see WB starters getting the better of this scrimmage...…When the 2's and 3's go in though it will be tough sledding for WB.
  6. Might see you at this one....got to decide between coming to this one or going to GB. Sure am glad that football season is back!!
  7. True post!! I talked to one of the Seniors Saturday and he and two other players tried their best to get into GB, but he said the parents were not in a position to be able to change locations of living at this time. If they ever open up the Loudon zone, it will hurt WB much worse than the few players they have lost to Maryville and Alcoa. I believe WB will win 6 games this year and will probably have a decent year next year, and they need to enjoy it because after that the cupboard appears to be very bare for several years unless they get some transfers or move ins. Good luck to the Govs this year....a few of those Juniors and Seniors were on the last team I coached when they were 12 and they won a lot of football games from age 7 through middle school, I would like for them to get a few wins at the high school level before they graduate.
  8. Why so hard on me? I don't know the identity of half the people that have been posting on this thread and the only two comments I have made on this entire thread were positive comments....back on page 1 I stated that I thought WB would have a better team this coming year, and then I posted that they have good band burgers. Believe it or not, I would like to see all 4 Blount County schools do well, and I wish GB would win it all in 1A every year.
  9. I have always enjoyed your posts because you seem to be a straight shooter....but, from reading the last few pages of this thread it appears that jealousy is really eating away at you. Do you really and truly think that GB or any other school, including yours, should turn a kid away that moved into that school zone and had met all obligations set forth by TSSAA? No school in their right mind would turn down kids that were coming in the right way, I will go so far as to say that if a kid is moving in and abiding by the rules of TSSAA the school does not have a choice but to take the kid....they would be open to liability if they didn't take him. Would you expect the principal to say to a family that has moved and made Loudon County their home, "Well we can accept you in the school, but Johnny can't play football because he is not a lifelong GB resident"? Pujo, I respect you for the years of good insight and good posts that you have given, but, IMO you are way off base here. You are too good of a man to let jealousy cloud your judgment. Just my .02 cents.
  10. You don't need facebook...go to page 15 of this thread and scroll down, someone has the feed playing, you can blow it up full screen and watch. Ive been watching the whole second half there.
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