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  1. Why so hard on me? I don't know the identity of half the people that have been posting on this thread and the only two comments I have made on this entire thread were positive comments....back on page 1 I stated that I thought WB would have a better team this coming year, and then I posted that they have good band burgers. Believe it or not, I would like to see all 4 Blount County schools do well, and I wish GB would win it all in 1A every year.
  2. I have always enjoyed your posts because you seem to be a straight shooter....but, from reading the last few pages of this thread it appears that jealousy is really eating away at you. Do you really and truly think that GB or any other school, including yours, should turn a kid away that moved into that school zone and had met all obligations set forth by TSSAA? No school in their right mind would turn down kids that were coming in the right way, I will go so far as to say that if a kid is moving in and abiding by the rules of TSSAA the school does not have a choice but to take the kid....they would be open to liability if they didn't take him. Would you expect the principal to say to a family that has moved and made Loudon County their home, "Well we can accept you in the school, but Johnny can't play football because he is not a lifelong GB resident"? Pujo, I respect you for the years of good insight and good posts that you have given, but, IMO you are way off base here. You are too good of a man to let jealousy cloud your judgment. Just my .02 cents.
  3. You don't need facebook...go to page 15 of this thread and scroll down, someone has the feed playing, you can blow it up full screen and watch. Ive been watching the whole second half there.
  4. Thanks!! I haven't made my mind up if I'm coming to this game or going to Oakland, but if I come to Whitwell, Johnny's was my choice as well...
  5. If you think that SC has a more complex scheme running the football than Alcoa, either your knowledge of the game is not very high or you are just fishing for an argument. IMO, no one in the state in any class does a better job scheming the run game than Alcoa.
  6. I made the trip two years ago to SP to watch the semi final game....that game started out tight and GB started pulling away in the second half. On a decent field, I think this game is very similar with both teams having some success early on but as adjustments are made, GB's balanced offense will wear Whitwell down and GB's defense gets more stops than Whitwell does....GB 34 Whitwell 20 If the field and weather are bad enough to effect the passing game of both teams....GB 20 Whitwell 13 Go Kees!!!! O&B you still owe me dinner for that big 8th grader I signed up....lol
  7. I watched Oakland play Murvil in the regular season game...IMO, the Oakland QB has plenty enough arm and athleticism to be a good HS QB, it appeared to me that they just don't practice that part of the game a whole lot.....can't blame that on the QB.
  8. Ouch!! That hurts!! Hope he is ok...
  9. Kees take this one handily.....just hope they keep cool heads because they don't need to be missing players next week over an ejection this week. Go Kees!! GB 49 CF 7
  10. I think Farragut will be very competitive, but I think Murvil wins 35 - 21
  11. Have been impressed with what the Shinlever and company have been able to do at Bearden, they have really turned things around. I think this game will be more competitive than most think it will be, but I just can't see a scenario that Bearden will win the game. Maryville 31 Bearden 14
  12. I said last week that if everyone returns that should return and they can find a RB, I think they have the potential to have a pretty good team. Their OL looked the part this year as far as size, but that is still the one area of that program that will have to improve before things get much better. I also don't have a clue what their schedule will look like next year, 91 says the non conference schedule is completely different than this year, but regardless of schedule I think they have a chance to be a better team next year than they were this year. According to the schedule, they could have a better team but it still might not show in the amount of wins.
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