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  1. And White House also lost to Merrol Hyde. Bottom line, games are being played today so we shall see. I put more stock in a quality schedule, so I think Page has a signification advantage today. Maybe that advantage will be offset by having to play away.
  2. ok, ladies, it's crunch time. Who makes the dance? Here are my fearless predictions: Greeneville Knoxville Grace Notre Dame CCS Page CPA Jackson Christian Madison Magnet
  3. Boyd beat CSAS 2-1 so sectional games in Chattanooga on Saturday are: CCS vs CSAS at 4 PM Boyd vs Notre Dame 7 PM
  4. Notre Dame 1 CCS 1 End of regulation ND scored with 2 seconds left
  5. Hey, Booger, bring your swamp boots. The weather is fine. These snake handlers are all discombobulated.
  6. Congrats, G. Good luck against White House!
  7. Lookout Valley doesn't field soccer teams. Someone probably confused them with Walker Valley.
  8. One other repercussion for the new classes is that Notre Dame and CCS will be in separate classes in D2. I guess CCS wasn't in the smoke-filled room with CPA and Knox Webb to set their enrollment at 449. I am sure CCS and Notre Dame will continue to play in all sports, as It has been a great rivalry over the years.
  9. District 7 A/AA currently only has 3 teams so what's the big deal?
  10. For once, they actually are. I was at the stadium field far too late last night. Still, I'd much rather have the games at something more suitable for high school games. Contrary to some opinions, these are not club games.
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