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  1. WCHS has posted to the CMCSS website the opening for a new head coach. West Creek has several talented players on their roster. The teams record over the past years is no indication of the talent level on the team. West Creek has one of the nicest fields in the county and an emerging feeder program starting at 10U.
  2. This was a history first tournament championship for the Coyotes that came at home vs our crosstown rivals Rossview. The finals came down to the last match. Great tournament with a lot of good match ups!
  3. Great read! I can tell you from my own personal experience with my son, that this article is right on point. My youngest started at 4 and found success right away. Out of my own ignorance and zeal for his success, I allowed him begin competing nationally by the age of 7. Soon thereafter he began to compete year round and following the FS/GR state championship he started showing signs of burnout and wanted to quit by the age of 9. He has since taken a full year off. I gave him space and allowed him to choose when to come back.Recently he came back to the mat and will compete at a limited schedule (30 matches max). The moral and lesson learned for me is to start them later 8 or 9, and to allow them to make more choices. Providing him with the space to choose when e came back gave him a greater appreciation for the sport. There was no better feeling than him coming home from practice and telling me that he loves this great sport again!
  4. It was a good day of wrestling for our young guys. Thanks to Coach Kramer and is staff for running a very efficient and competitive event!
  5. Look for Beech to make some noise this year. They looked strong at West Creek this passed weekend the Rippy's and Mike King among others looked strong.
  6. Looked pretty good last Saturday at Northwest to me!
  7. I'm having issues getting the rankings to open up.
  8. Just curious. Will the bestwrestlerlist.com be the only source for rankings this year, or while Hamm, Bray and others still post theirs?
  9. Trigg County Summer Swat Location: Cadiz, KY Address: 303 Complex Road, Cadiz, KY 42211 Phone: (270) 484-6919 Dates: 07/10/14 - 07/13/14 Ages: U8 (machine) U10 (Machine) U13 (Live) Contact: Scott Brown - Please do not contact (spam) Scott Brown for reasons other than the purpose of the listing. Click here to visit the Trigg County Summer Swat website. Notes: Third annual tournament draws 12-15 teams. We have added a U8 division. Format will be either pool play or round robin. Entry fee is $150 per team.
  10. West Creek High School is currently looking for an on staff assistant wrestling coach. English, History, and other teaching positions available. Contact Coach Zackorie Suggs @ [email protected] for more information.
  11. West Creek High School is currently looking for an on staff assistant wrestling coach. English, History, and other teaching positions available. Contact Coach Zackorie Suggs @ [email protected] for more information.
  12. FYI they cancelled on us this morning! I am hoping we can get in the BPA tournament in Franklin! If anyone can help us out please let me know!
  13. My team will be competing in the CSA's Memorial Day Classic in Clarksville, TN. I am not sure how many of you guys are aware of this organization, but they seem to be great so far. I have been in contact with them and they have been very helpful thus far. I will have a full report on how it went the Monday following Memorial day weekend, but I wanted to make everyone aware of another place to find tournaments in the Mid-TN and KY areas. http://www.commonwealthsportsassociation.com/
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