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  1. What I don't understand is that nobody is even questioning that the same guy is somehow the "guardian" for all of those kids?
  2. East Nashville has 4 starters and 8 of top 10 returning from their semi final team.
  3. It is amazing how a school with successful athletic programs like Pearl Cohn can have football players winning track state championships, but another school that can't beat them in football tells its kids not to run track or play baseball or do anything else except football. And every year they underachieve. Good luck FIrebirds. Football, Basketball and Track all State bound.
  4. If he is interested in coaching why in the world would he bail for MJCA? Just cause he went there? He should have first hand knowledge of the lack of talent there.
  5. Good to hear from you Fork. HR can slow down a hire for sure. Anyone being hired from outside the district will be delayed for awhile. Overton is handicapped from within. Too many O'Jays in the building.
  6. You have to understand that the National Federation will only recognize one association per state which means if you form your own, you will not be in the National Federation. This would also mean that you could not play any school that WAS in the National federation. Kinda limits your pool.
  7. Bleacher, you are obviously an old school Metro guy like myself. However, you have no clue about what Overton is like now. The "tea sippers" are long gone. The clientele simply isn't there anymore. Now I know you want to spout off that the talent is "still there walking the halls" etc. but I actually worked there and it is not. I had a copy of my class rolls from there out the other day. Mohamud, Mostafa, Felipe, Sayed, Isriel, Miguel, Belen. Those are the first 7 boy names in one class. You are living in the 80's if you think that is 6A football material.
  8. If yo have 1100 kids you will not have a choice to play 2A in other sports. You will be 3a in all other sports. You can choose to play 5A football right now as a 3A football school, but playing up in football has nothing to do with where you play in other sports. Enrollment controls everything.
  9. Just remember if you had 1100 kids and played 5A football you would also play 3A in basketball/Baseball/Softball/Volleyball etc.
  10. Really has nothing to do with the double standard of having to play a regular season football game and not having to play other sports, however. We all know why you didn't play them. The result was going to be the same either way.
  11. As recently as 4 years ago, both Trousdale County and Red Boiling Springs refused to play Goodpasture in any sport BUT football because all the other sports still allow the teams to play in the post season and simply incur a forfeit loss. Football removes you from the post season. No idea why the double standard.
  12. I taught it at HIillwood at one time.
  13. McGavock has had it at least 30 years
  14. East has it though it is not taken advantage of by the current regime. Who knows why.
  15. DuPont High School in Nashville did it for two years in fall of ‘81 and 82. Went 17-3 after being 3-17 the two years before if I remember correctly. The last three years it was open they went back to a region schedule and went 8-22. i am sure there are more recent examples.
  16. The same as you and everyone else remotely connected. Waiting game.
  17. Congrats to Greenville on their dominant performance.
  18. That is too bad Fork. One person's loss is another's gain in reverse. Dean in line?
  19. The sheer fact that there are 18 is ridiculous.
  20. No. You can have weightlifting as a PE class. You just cannot limit it to athletes only and it cannot be specific to a certain sport. Just general strength and conditioning.
  21. I didn't remember them parting ways with wine and roses. That one would surprise me.
  22. I will take Richie Estep. Multiple state title winner.
  23. That is what Moonwink has said. If you know him then you know it is legit.
  24. Do they have a bunch that play football? MJ is struggling early.
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