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Everything posted by loveofdagame

  1. loveofdagame

    To Sumner Co. Fans

    I was reading the Gallatin VS Beech thread and someone mentiond Rj Meadows, and i have not heard anything about him. I was just wondering if anyone knew if he was still playing and if he is where. I knew he was a great player but i didnt know he signed anywhere. Thanks.
  2. loveofdagame

    ? about BEECH

    Watched beech play alot last year and this year...just curious if anybody knew where rj meadows, kyle demiola, or patrick mcfarland signed with or if they are playing in college. they were pretty good athletes. thank you
  3. loveofdagame

    Mt. Juliet fans

    to all of you Mt. Juliet fans that are bashing the coach and what not, u dont have to worry too much becuase there is a good chance it will all come to an end fri night at the Beech.
  4. loveofdagame

    Mt. Juliet fans

    well dont reply to the post idiot
  5. loveofdagame

    Mt. Juliet fans

    be easy now, just given opinions
  6. loveofdagame

    Round 2 of Heavy Weights

    any predictions???
  7. loveofdagame

    Round 2 of Heavy Weights

    This Friday Hendersonville will travel across the trailroad tracks to Beech Highschool. The first game between these to teams was very clos with Hendersonville pulling out the win. Should be a lot of people on hand to watch this on. Anybody have any opinions?
  8. loveofdagame

    Beech @ Hendersonville

    Hendersonville is going to get spanked. Wick is a great player and Springer is alright but after that it drops off. Beech has to much depth on the bench with Tyler Kennedy, Pat Mcfarland, and Kyle Dimeola. Beech by 12
  9. loveofdagame

    Top 10 teams

    IM just curious why beech isnt in anybodies top 10. They defeated blackman by about 10 or 20 in a scrimmage with both teams at full force and beat brentwood by about 20 with all their starters.
  10. loveofdagame

    BEECH ?

    Any comments on how beech will do this year. From what i understand they should be a pretty solid team.
  11. loveofdagame


    How can beech still make the playoffs?
  12. loveofdagame


    I need to ask you a ? about jamison link
  13. loveofdagame


  14. loveofdagame

    Gallatin has ineligible players?

    So if this stands. And Beech beats Glencliff an Gallatin beats HL an Beech . And antioch beats Hville ....Who goes
  15. loveofdagame

    Beech vs Glencliff

    Beech plays Glencliff for senior night at beech. Any comments or predictions?
  16. loveofdagame

    Beech vs. Hunters Lane

    Beech goes to Hunters lane this friday... Any predictions?
  17. loveofdagame

    Sumner co Athletes that will sign

    What athletes in sumner co that you think will go to college an sign on signing day....An what level
  18. loveofdagame

    2004 Division 1 College Prospects

    Jamison Link is a heck of player... I know he will go to college i just dont know where.. He can run all day, its just his throwing where i wonder.. I am sure he can go d-1aa an play defense... GREAT PLAYER....
  19. loveofdagame

    Top Seniors

    Derek Dobbs is not big enough to play d1 i think he is like 5'8 185 ,.... he could play d3 ball....
  20. loveofdagame

    bhs vs. northeast

    Any comments on Beech vs. Northeast Friday night? Havnt heard much on Northeast this year. How are they?
  21. loveofdagame

    bhs vs. northeast

    Any comments on Beech vs. Northeast Friday night? Havnt heard much on Northeast this year. How are they?
  22. Will the BEECH football team get the first win this season against Mcgavock your thoughts...
  23. loveofdagame


    Beech is 0-2 which is a big suprise. An Antioch comes of a win against lebanon. This is a big region game.. who wins, an this is a running back game Lamacus Coker vs R.j. Meadows..
  24. loveofdagame


    What are some predictions on this game..
  25. loveofdagame

    Whites Creek vs. Beech

    Beech ran up and down on whitescreek, just couldnt stick it in. whites creek was very fast and pretty big up front, was a good scrimmage.