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  1. If you think Gudger is the only athlete, you are mistaken. With that being said, DB knew he was the hoss and couldn't come up with a plan to stop him...or even contain him. Greeneville won this one by dominating the LOS. The biggest takeaway from this game is that the Devils can play 4 quarters of football and finish. Gudger only had 43 yards rushing at the half and finished with 188... 20 more yards than the whole Indian offense could muster. DB was gassed midway through the 3rd quarter and the well-conditioned Devils made them pay. It's all about the weight room.
  2. I tried to tell him that DB ain't seen nothing this season that could prepare them for Greeneville. Man I sure do miss being in NET...these folks around here think the state ends in Sevier County..
  3. So I had a "conversation" (aka mansplained) with a dude that came at me with the whole "Greeneville ain't had to play 4 quarters yet and DB is gonna lay in on them in the second half". I will probably not hold my breath on getting the " I betcha $20 Greeneville goes down" cash but I will make sure he gets a big 'ol serving of crow. These fellas in West Knoxville don't know jack.
  4. DB doesn't seem to be able to keep Greeneville out of the backfield.
  5. Greeneville has 2 TD's and has only run 3 plays...lort. Looks like we are bringing the FIRE SNOT in the first quarter.
  6. agreed...having the benefit of watching from home with instant replay, I was a bit disappointed with the lapse in discipline on the field by Rankins boys.
  7. I lived in a house on North Main with a secret room that was supposed to have been a stop on the Underground Railroad.
  8. Gonna get ridden hard when you are the only hoss in the stable.
  9. How many carries is that and how many TDs?
  10. That Gudger kid from Greeneville has 494 yards and 10 rushing TD's so far. Has only carried the ball 53 times for 9.3 yards a carry. Considering he hasn't seen the second half in 2 games this year I'd say those are pretty gaudy numbers.
  11. So how many rushing yards does Gudger have so far this year?
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