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  1. well the team that is getting manhandled could pick up their ball and go home...
  2. I watched your game last night..rocky start is an understatement.
  3. Now you are just grasping at straws...
  4. Hmmmm… unless you want to attend the STEM program at Springfield Middle School then, if I am reading correctly, 70 ooz students will be allowed to enroll this year. That is definitely open enrollment even if it only pertains to 1 school.
  5. I don't think any Devil fans would argue that being able to attract talent is an advantage. If you build it, they will come. But as the school becomes more crowded, fewer ooz students are accepted. Families moving to the area are naturally going to choose a home in a school that is a good fit for their child. Greeneville's enrollment policy potentially gives you more options but if you want your kid enrolled in Greeneville you would be better served selecting a home in the city limits as ooz enrollment is not guaranteed. Your point would be valid if Greeneville had always been a powerhouse but they have not. They have, however, always been open zoned. The Devils have been blessed with endowed funding to build first rate facilities and a coaching staff dedicated to building the best young men on and off the field. That my friend, is our advantage.
  6. Being exempted from NCLB in 2013 was a big wake-up call for the power programs in zones without clearly defined transfer rules. One that comes to mind is Signal Mtn who reaped the benefits of NCLB transfers from failing Hamilton County Schools. As soon as that zoning loophole closed, their talent pool dried up. Not only did NCLB allow parents to choose a better learning environment but also an athletic program that would increase their kid's chances to play at the next level. You seem to be finding fault in allowing a parent to make a decision on what is best for their child. Greene County has 4 great high schools and all of them perform at a high level compared to the state averages which is great considering more than 60% of their funding comes from the state. If Greeneville is siphoning all of the great athletes from the county, explain to me how South Greene, which is the closest county school to the city limits always has outstanding athletics for both boys and girls.
  7. Dude... when you fill out the application for ooz enrollment at Greeneville, you have to provide a valid reason for your request. You just don't write a check and get in. My kid went because there wasn't a band program at the county school she was zoned for. I had to provide her academic transcripts and an academic reference. Even though she didn't play football, she was approved. Imagine that.
  8. Devils best not sleep on these Roadrunners. Trey Foster is a beast at QB.
  9. Observations... Its been a bit since Greeneville had a QB that came from outside their feeder system. Gregg will be alright. Most of these kids have played together since at least middle school. but...that line needed a serious wake-up call. They have the size, speed and talent. Someone needs to step up and lead. I don't think the coaching change has had a significant impact, Hammond was already a key member of the staff and continuity is a big part of the decision to entrust him with the legacy. Them Devils will be bringing the pain very soon,
  10. I believe that should be FIRE SNOT!!!
  11. No I was listening to the Abbeville, SC game online and the old man and I were talking about Greenwood SC football while I was trying to type. They have a pretty good program in Abbeville for a small town. Watched Kelly Bryant play there for a couple of years before Dabo convinced his dad to move closer to Clemson so he could have a hand in his development.
  12. So I'm watching MUS/Brentwood...Greenwood would smoke MUS if they played this poorly...better athletes and better qb
  13. They would lay a smachdown on that Whitehaven team that played last night as bad as the one they laid on the Tomcats...maybe worse.
  14. This is perhaps the best representation of what this program is all about. Thanks to Tim Hayes of the Bristol Herald Courier https://www.heraldcourier.com/sports/net-juggernaut-greeneville-achieving-historic-success/article_2a89e96e-f375-11e8-bb82-c7a4c50374ad.html
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