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  1. man2man

    Perry Co. Vikings

    Perry county over the years is probably the most prominent program in the state. They have great tradition and more gold balls than anyone. My intial comment wasnt even meant for perry county. It was to the post about how mcewen will drill summertown if they played this year. My reply was in the last 12 years summertown's success would be hard to match and that mcewen needed to get by the region semis or the sub state before they did alot of talking. If anyone has the right to say anything it would be perry county. I didnt intend to argue perry county's tradition, i meant to argue mcewen's. People said that mcewen would beat summertown last year and it didnt happen. It was not even one of summertown's better teams. Mcewen is probably better than summertown this year on paper, but that most certainly doesnt mean they will beat them easily.
  2. man2man

    Perry Co. Vikings

    4 guys are responsible. 1 guy is responsible for 3 of your 6. yet everybody takes credit.
  3. man2man

    Perry Co. Vikings

    Another thing that strikes me to be funny is that all the ones that are getting it done at Perry County, you never hear from. Its the ones who havent done anything doing all the talking.
  4. man2man

    Perry Co. Vikings

    Perry County and Mcewen both have good groups right now. We will see how they will be after this year. Summertown has knocked on the state tournament door for the past decade and will continue to do so. It reminds me of culleoka. They did all that talking when Bruce had those recruits in there and now you never hear from them. I wonder if we will hear from you?
  5. man2man

    Perry Co. Vikings

    This what you say every year, and we keep going back.
  6. man2man

    Perry Co. Vikings

    In the last 12 years. I wasnt going back to Mike and Albert. Over the course of history Perry County is the most successfull in the state. not arguing that.
  7. man2man

    Perry Co. Vikings

    In the last 12 years Summertown has been to 6 substates and 4 state tournaments with one of those being a final four. there is not a more successful program in the mid state. get to murfreesboro once in the history of the school before you you do all that talking.it will take more than a bunch of loud talk to spook summertown.
  8. man2man

    Perry Co. Vikings

    Mcewen beat the 4 and Summertown didnt have Chard who was out with shoulder surgery.
  9. man2man

    Collinwood coach is out

    this is correct including santa fe. at one point the district consisted of 10 teams: Perry co.,collinwood, wayne co,clifton, summertown,santa fe,hampshire, mt pleasant, zion christian, and columbia academy
  10. man2man

    District 12A

    Summertown will be the 2nd seed because when there is a tie the next step is to determine how the teams have done against the next highest seed. Since Summertown split with Perry County and Wayne County got beat by them twice, that decides the tie. If their records against the next highest seed were the same, the next step is the coin flip. Hope that clears it up.
  11. man2man

    Summertown @ Lawrence County

    Both teams are pretty good Both teams play really hard Both teams respect each other Both teams rosters are loaded with good kids Both teams have coaches that are close friends and the ones that seem to do all the talking, are the ones that have absolutely nothing invested.
  12. man2man

    Boy's Basketball Head Coaching Jobs

    I almost forgot to mention the obvious. The Godfather of Perry County Basketball... The Late Dave Rhodes. A great coach and CEO of The Viking Nation!
  13. man2man

    Boy's Basketball Head Coaching Jobs

    The post about Perry County was meant to be a joke. They have a really good team and David Lee does a great job coaching that team. I think that have an excellent chance to get to the State Tournament this year, but you never know. A lot of people in Perry County try to take credit for their State Championships. 3 only have that right: Albert Ellison, Mike Rhodes, and Kurt Hastings. Let the players play, let David Lee coach, and just support the team and it will all work out.
  14. man2man

    Boy's Basketball Head Coaching Jobs

    Perry County will be open if the don't win the state championship
  15. man2man

    Tigert ain't no joke!

    Tigert ain't no joke and his boys are going to make the nets smoke!!!