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  1. CoachSH

    Alcoa Men's BBall Coach Opening?

    Nick Pasqua former player for Alcoa and King college. He is the assistant at King right now would be a great higher.
  2. CoachSH

    Science Hill (1-0) @ Elizabethton (1-0)

    Thanks just keep me updated
  3. CoachSH

    Science Hill (1-0) @ Elizabethton (1-0)

    Anybody got a score!?
  4. CoachSH

    Elizabethton Job

    It looks like no one wants this job now. Ha I just find that funny. Guess time will tell.
  5. CoachSH

    Latest Bolus rankings

    Can you guys help me with some shooters and players that score the ball really well across the state that have not signed yet!!?? Thanks
  6. CoachSH

    ALCOA VS. MILAN, Let's get this started!!

    Alcoa wins by 30 plus!!!
  7. CoachSH

    Alcoa @ Elizabethton--Semifinal

    Congrats Acloa! Go win another Ball!!! Great Season CYCLONES!!!! Great Job this year Coach Witten!!! Alcoa is the best team in all classes and I agree if Betsy was in another class like 4A it would have had a great chance this year they just ran into the best team in the state in 1a-6a.
  8. CoachSH

    Underdog of the Playoffs

    This week it is Etown as the big underdog by playing the Mighty Alcoa boys. There is a storm coming through etown this friday. Hopefully it will be a CYCLONE!
  9. CoachSH

    Alcoa @ Elizabethton--Semifinal

    How great is it to be a Player for either team right now! Alcoa has GREAT tradition and is a very good football team! I would even say the best football team from 1a-6a. That was shown early in the year when they spanked rival maryville!!!! Elizabethton has also had very good tradition in football. They do not have the championships to show for it but they were playing UP UP UP in classes for many years!! They will come to play! Coach Witten knows what it takes to win and when he was a player he was in 2 semi final games! Just like this game everyone new the winner was going to be the state champion. Before the cyclones had to play maryville in the same round. Now its Alcoa which is the best team in high school football this year. But for the first time in a loooong time E-town now gets to play against a team that has very close to the same amount of students. GO CYCLONES!!!!!! GREAT WEEK TO BE A CYCLONE AND A TONADO!!!! I respect ALCOA! but you gotta love a underdog and the BESTY BOYS!!
  10. CoachSH

    Austin-East @ Elizabethton Quarterfinals

    GREAT JOB BESTY BOYS!!!! Happy for Coach Witten and the staff!
  11. CoachSH

    Austin-East @ Elizabethton Quarterfinals

    Well Said!!!! Etown has stuggle in recent years but I played with Coach Witten when Etown was a power house and we did play up! Every school we played was much bigger but we always came to play!!! Until the fourth round when we always hit Maryville. Coach Witten knows what it takes in the playoffs and he knows that any team left will be good!! AE is good but I know the CYCLONES will be ready and playing at home will be the difference!!! Great Job to both teams this year! GO CYCLONES!
  12. CoachSH

    CAK travels to Elizabethton...

    Did Etown's QB get hurt? How did they miss a field goal cause it became costly.
  13. CoachSH

    CAK travels to Elizabethton...

    This is a good day for all of East TN football. I am proud of both teams for playing this game and making a tough schedule!!! My pick would be Etown in a close game! Betsy at home gives them the slight edge.
  14. CoachSH

    Elizabethton @ Asheville

    3-3 end of the 3rd
  15. CoachSH

    Elizabethton @ Asheville

    Score was 3-0 Asheville at the half. anybody have an update on the score!?