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  1. lpmarlowe

    Region 5-AAA Tournament

    im gettin antzy need a score update
  2. lpmarlowe

    WC Dominates MJ

    both teams played great basketball. Wilson central just played a little better. the score in my opinion doesnt reflect the game. I really do believe Central outplayed the bears tonight, but Mt. Juliet let them. mt. juliet missed probably 8 to 9 layup attempts tonight/putback wide open ones too and missed. that alone made the difference in the game. i think wc played a better all around game. i just know if these two teams meet in region the score wont be this one sided.
  3. lpmarlowe

    Science Hill Classic

    i dont believe its science hill tourney, ive always known that teams get better as the season progresses. The game of basketball is a strange game. let me explain, last week in ncaa basketball pitt beat auburn by 37 points, auburn then turned around and beat temple by 31. Just what ur post sorta says SH beats Roanoke by 1 one night and Db plays that same team and gets beat by 30. Does that make SH a 30 point better team, probably not. It can happen to anyone. Just because the hilltoppers got beat by south then came back and beat central doesnt really mean a lot. and with db getting beat soundly against roakne. I dont follow the big 9 as close as i want, bc im from middle tennessee but one thing i do know is that science hill does pretty well at the end of the season, and i think in the game of basketball thats what counts.
  4. lpmarlowe


    i just want to say congratulations to alysha clark for making all american honorable mention. she has been recognized as one of the top 40 girls in high school basketball. even though she doesnt play in the all american game she will be able to attend. if u would like to read the release and find out what kind of company she is in. http://www.wbca.org/releases/05HSAAGTeam.asp
  5. lpmarlowe

    Fan Support

    mt. juliet is rougly 40 minutes north of the campus of mtsu.
  6. lpmarlowe

    Ticket Prices

    u pay 7 dollars for that one session which consists of three basketball games. morning season is from 11 to 330 and the night session is from 530 to 10. on wednesday thursday and friday. then saturday for the championship its 10 dollars for one person for the three games. or i know if u live in middle tennessee you can watch the championship games on upn 30.
  7. lpmarlowe

    Mt. Juliet VS Wilson Central

    mjbears i pretty much bleed the black and gold through and through, but this might be the first time but im gonna say our student section isnt what it once was. i have to say the student section at mj is down this year as the last couple. i dont know what has happened. but when it comes to this particular game i would have to say central had the edge but a landslide. i dont care if u beat a team by 33 the week before. if ur team is ranked number 2 in the country and just dont sit down and watch a game u get into the other teams head just like central did with miaca. when she air balled the three from the corner they were on her the rest of the game. i heard central student section better then mj's and i was two sections over from mjs.
  8. lpmarlowe

    science hill vs tennessee

    score update for science hill vs tennessee: final score Tennessee 52 Science Hill 43 double overtime
  9. lpmarlowe

    science hill vs tennessee

    score update with science hill and tennessee high basketball goes to a second overtime with the score tied at 40. science hill holds the ball four all four minutes in the first overtime.
  10. lpmarlowe

    science hill vs tennessee

    score update of science hill and tennessee is tied at 31 at the end of the third quarter
  11. lpmarlowe

    Mt. Juliet VS Wilson Central

    i have to say that my hat goes off to bud tonight on getting his girls ready to play. and did they play. someone could have made a video on how to play a matchup zone tonight. thats probably the best defense ive seen against the lady bears all season. mj tried to make adjustments but it just didnt seem to work. the bears will regroup and head out to hillsboro for a tough sectional game. now that the rankings are done and they have that one loss its time for the girls just to go out and have fun and execute. again central played one heck of a game, best ive seen from them.
  12. lpmarlowe

    Mt. Juliet VS Wilson Central

    the officiating was bad on both sides, it wasnt one way. yes i believe that was a bad call on gassie to give brandon the t. but dont say anything about the officiating because it was bad for both teams and it equaled out in my opinion. and the part about running up the score the subs were in at that point they started making three pointers two by muniz, one by bowman in the 4th quarter. and besides these girls were just having fun. i would almost believe that if the situation were switched that bud would like to run up the score against mj.
  13. lpmarlowe

    Mt Juliet at Gallatin

    amen bigchief, i apologize for remarks i said bout the firing about a year and half ago on here. ur a good man. i respect u as a man.
  14. lpmarlowe

    Mt. Juliet vs Hendersonville

    no offense to anyone who has posted in this thread or has read it, anyone can be beat on any given night. this is tourney time. i think mj will win the game, but dont say why would someone post a thread like this and say mj will win hands down. thinking that way is a sign ur too arrogant and needs to be beat. i think this group of girls has what it takes to win the whole thing but they need to stay focused and not get to caught up in everything to think they are unbeatable.
  15. lpmarlowe

    usa today top 25

    Mt. Juliet has moved up one slot to number four. keep up the good work girls.