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  1. I would like to see the days of old when both sides were full of Green Wave fans. Need a huge crowd to get behind these kids. They have really worked hard to make a name for themselves this year. Invite an old friend who hasn’t been in a few years to come out and see what all the buzz is about.
  2. I can’t really knock HC because I know who they have lost to. I would dare say most of the teams in the 5A top 10 would lose to both of the teams they have played. I had a problem with them last week because they received 2 first place votes. I didn’t/don’t have a problem with them being ranked. We can’t all be in the top 10. Plus it gives those of us on the outside something else to motivate us.
  3. Should be a great game even if you don’t have a rooting interest. Start time is an hour early at 6. Game is at TSU Hale Stadium.
  4. Region 1 1 team Region 2 2 teams Region 3 2 teams Region 4 0 teams Region 5 2 teams Region 6 3 teams Region 7 1 team Region 8 1 team
  5. The “real” poll has been released. 1. Knoxville Central (13) 150 2. Beech (1) 141 3. David Crockett (1) 99 4. Page 93 5. Powell 85 6. South Doyle (1) 66 7. Kirby 64 8. Henry County 46 9. Summit 37 10. Hillsboro 33 others receiving votes Knoxville West 20 Gallatin 19
  6. They don’t usually release until after 3 central time.
  7. I’m ok with where and who the teams are. My only question is who gives a team that lost week 1 2 first place votes. IMO it’s a two team race and myself I would have Beech at 1. They won’t be an underdog in any game they play all year.
  8. You guys picked up a travel game. I see y’all bouncing back this week. Oakland will beat many teams like they did y’all. Put it behind you.
  9. WHIN 1010 website will be streaming the game. They stream all of the Sumner County teams games.
  10. The state title is Beech’s to lose. Everyone knows that. Again, they sit at the top. I don’t for a second believe any of the negative posts about them this scrimmage season. 15-0 for them is a realistic possibility.
  11. That’s the same way I feel about Beech not being the favorite. I feel as though they treated the Scrimmages as way to develop depth and see where else they can play kids. It looked like sandbagging to me just to get the target off the back. It all starts for real tonight.
  12. 1976 Gallatin vs Hendersonville. One of my cousins played on the OL. The first time I was at a game that Gallatin lost was the 91’ state title game vs the best HS team I’ve ever seen, Oak Ridge.
  13. Oakland is playing Gallatin so I guess it has changed for the next two seasons.
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