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  1. Gallatin’s non-region games were from 4-6A. We are a 5A school that played 6A teams as non-region.
  2. I would guess Republic. I thought they dropped football.
  3. That’s good for the kids. I hope they get things worked out.
  4. JV is what they will play this season. It has a lot to do with rising Sr’s staying. Plus the fact that they are opening during year two of the two year cycle. Plenty of JV games will get scheduled. When Station Camp opened almost 20 years ago, they had to do the same thing. It’s not uncommon. I will be interested to see if they get classified as 4, 5 or 6A for the 21’ season from their enrollment numbers this fall.
  5. They haven’t been placed in a football region. They will play all other sports in 9-AAA beginning fall of this year. They will be placed in a region in 21’ when the new classifications and regions are announced in November with September 1 enrollment numbers.
  6. It’s my understanding from a parent of a rising Sr that the rising Sr’s get to choose to stay at current school or go to new zoned school. Everyone else will go to new zoned school.
  7. One game left. 1. Mt. Juliet 12-1 T2-3 Station Camp, Beech 8-5 4. Lebanon 7-6 5. Gallatin 6-7 6. Portland 5-8 T 7-8 Hville, WC 3-10
  8. Sounds like they have their guy but aren’t going to announce it. Anyone know what the holdup is. I heard they had 3 guys apply. Was this because the guy they were/are going to name was a done deal or because people know the struggle this job is?
  9. If you are going to stay in County, Greg Abner is the right hire for the job.
  10. Any word on where the game will be played? At Ravenwood or Nolensville?
  11. Yes, MyTV30 announced during the game between Ravenwood/Brentwood that they would be carrying this game this week.
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