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  1. wave88

    2019 Top Ten in 5A

    I wouldn’t be upset if I were wrong. My opinion and $5 will get you something to eat at McDonalds.
  2. wave88

    2019 Top Ten in 5A

    I’m guessing this year is Beech’s to lose. Return almost all the players from a Semifinal team last year. I would be surprised if they aren’t playing in Cookeville in December.
  3. wave88

    R'dale ?, ?, ?.............

    I was wondering how the clone was doing. Thank him for his service.
  4. wave88

    Schools still needing Games

    Antioch vs Coffee county 10-4. That’s an easy fix.
  5. wave88

    District 9-AAA

    Both of these teams Fought for a chance to go to sub-state. Definitely one of the best HS games I’ve ever attended. Hated that either team had to lose a game like that. Both teams will need to hit the ice bath.
  6. wave88

    Gallatin Green Wave Grumors

    You do know that GWave1 is NOT Coach Mark Wilson, don’t you?
  7. wave88

    Gallatin Green Wave Grumors

    There is no way 21 is a Green Wave fan. Total male bovine excrement.
  8. wave88

    Gallatin Green Wave Grumors

    I have tried as I know GWave1 and Greenwave84EG have as well. It may as well be Fort Knox. No names are being mentioned by the three people on the interview group.
  9. wave88

    ESPN 3 ???

    You need to download the ESPN watch app. ESPN 3 is in there. Have to put in who your cable provider is and then you can watch the game as well as all the other games they move over there. Lots of NCAA baseball during the spring.
  10. What a slobber knocker. Both teams left it all on the field. Glad I got to watch. The wind was a HUGE factor for both teams.
  11. TSSAA tweets game to be played tomorrow at 2 PM.
  12. wave88

    Why in the He double hockey sticks?

    I get this. Most private schools are in metropolitan areas or the suburbs. There really isn’t a community base to draw fan support. The families and faculties of the schools can only fill so much attendance. The original complaint for rotating the games was low attendance for the private’s was caused by the day. The last two seasons proves this theory to be inaccurate.
  13. wave88

    Why in the He double hockey sticks?

    That’s my proposal as well.
  14. wave88

    Why in the He double hockey sticks?

    Based on the attendance that was at the games yesterday, I would say the date of the private class games has nothing to do with the attendance numbers of those teams. But it has everything to do with the low attendance numbers of the games that were played on Thursday. The experiment was unsuccessful at increasing the attendance for the privates. Next year the privates are back to Thursday. May as well go ahead and let the schedule next year, be the schedule going forward.