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  1. Enjoyed both the 6A and 5A coverage. Thanks for filling in a much needed fix for HS football.
  2. I don’t know the geography of DC but I’m guessing those teams are closer in proximity to them than some of the ones in TN.
  3. Easy with that kind of talk.
  4. You guys put some killers as non-region teams. That’s a grown man schedule. Should definitely prepare for the playoffs.
  5. I get that. I realize that my perspective is from the teams I see Gallatin play where every team arrives on buses. I’m actually glad they (TSSSAA) found a way to have the games and get the parents into the games. As a fan whose daughter just graduated this spring, I am going to miss going to the games. But I get it and I’m happy that the kids will have a chance to play and finish the season this year.
  6. It may not be a popular thought but I think the games should be played if the teams have enough players to play. I think limited seating reserved only for home fans. No visiting fans to keep a limit of fans who for the majority of the people in the building are parents and students of the home school. It’s a crazy idea but I think you can limit the non-controlled contact.
  7. I apologize to you and the Yellow Jacket faithful. I meant zero disrespect to you guys. I just think HC will have to be beaten before I believe they don’t have the easiest path to Cookeville. I do hope you guys can/will prove me wrong. Definitely one of my favorite matchups through the years has been Gallatin/Springfield. Always a good game and gate.
  8. Those should be good in preparation for the 5A title.
  9. I’m not sure of your schedule but if it were me, I would play as many tough games as I could get. You guys will have a cake walk to the semifinals every year if not to Cookeville. Play as many 6A or Knoxville area 5A teams as possible.
  10. wave88


    I see some of you think CB is Broadrick but I’m seeing CB as Chase Brooks. Going home to Portland and being an HC. I’m thinking it’s either WI or Brooks.
  11. wave88


    I would be surprised if WI doesn’t get it. At least that’s the talk I’m getting from some Portland fans.
  12. The West’s last two representatives looking to make it back this week. Have fun practicing on Thanksgiving knowing there are tons of teams who would love to be practicing/playing this week.
  13. Henry County was, IMO, the best Team Gallatin faced all season. I think that both 5A semifinal games will be remembered for years to come. Good luck to both teams.
  14. I admit I didn’t see this coming. Congratulations to Summit. 36-29. Going to be some battles in the 5A Semis.
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