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  1. The talk leading up to today’s report in the paper lead me to believe that this is the direction we are headed. 5 classes football, 4 classes in other sports. The vote will take place in June/July. This will help to set regions and teams after the September 1 enrollment turn in. Then the class announcement would be in October and the regions set in November. At least those dates are what were used in 16’.
  2. It’s the main reason they (Beech) are pushing for a field turf field. I don’t put the blame on them. It’s just what it is. The track around the field locks in the water. If they were to raise the field above the track at the lowest place and have a true crown, it would help tremendously.
  3. Shelbyville better hope they’ve been practicing in the mud. I heard that Beech’s field is a mess. That’s not anything new because their field doesn’t drain. It’s going to be a soft field regardless of the temperatures at game time.
  4. If it’s close in the 4th quarter, I’m taking Crabtree and Beech. Unless you have a 17 point lead or greater in the 4th quarter, they will make a way to beat you. It has happened too many times not to notice it. 17 points is 3 possessions.
  5. This is an interesting topic. The reclassification will take effect in the fall of 2021. If things hold the way they did the last turn in the fall of 2017 for the 4 year turn ending the spring of 21’, the enrollment numbers will be taken around September 1st 2020. Several new schools have come on board since the last reclassification. Liberty Creek, in Sumner County, won’t come online until fall of 22’. Green Hills comes online in the fall of 20’. Next year Mt. Juliet will be playing 6A with a much smaller enrollment. I see people talking about having the ability to choose to play down as if it’s an option for those who struggle to win at current classification. As far as I remember, you could only choose to move up after classes have been set. Unlike the days of Super 32, nobody gets to move down just because someone moved up. There will definitely be a different landscape beginning in 21’.
  6. It was just an idea. I would be fine with it either way. I liked the idea of the big reveal on Saturday but it blew up in their face too many times. I’m thinking if they came out with weekly rankings, it would allow teams to see where they were going to be seeded and who they would potentially play as the season went on.
  7. I liked the Z-plan until they tweaked it and used overall record as a tie breaker. I understand some teams got in with under 500 records but if you put a value on opponents, the overall record should never have come into play. Some teams played in weaker districts and scheduled weaker opponents. Some teams played in tougher districts and scheduled tougher opponents. I always wanted to see teams who made the playoffs seeded 1-16 on each half of the state. 1 vs 16, 2/15, 3/14 and so on. With the higher seeded team hosting each round. Reseed the bracket each round as well. Not allow teams from the same district to play each other until the quarterfinals.
  8. For those who haven’t been to a game in Gallatin, use Kraft street in your GPS and it will bring you to the visitors gate and side of the stadium. The stadium is not at the high school.
  9. Tom Kreager is calling this game one of the best matchups in the 1st round this season. 9-1 vs 8-2. Should be an electric atmosphere at Green Wave Stadium this week. Bring your warm clothes this week.
  10. That’s definitely not true.
  11. Gallatin hosts Summit for a 1st round game. Any thoughts on this weeks game? Any word on the Summit/Lincoln County ejections from the fights last night.
  12. If I were Hollingsworth and staff and I got word of this type of nonsense, the director of schools himself would be the one to let me go. This is high school football/sports. I’m not a fan of the guy but this is ridiculous.
  13. It’s hasn’t gone unnoticed how good both Page and a Shelbyville have played this season. It’s my guess that 1 of the 4 teams will be hosting the semifinal this year. Of course being a Gallatin fan I hope it’s us. The only way Henry County isn’t the other semifinal team is from injury or overlooking an opponent.
  14. Just edit your Gallatin and Shelbyville games.
  15. I failed to see another playoff possibility. If Rossview beats Lebanon. MJ/Hville winner is 1 MJ/Hville loser is 2 WC is 3 Rossview is 4. This game just got some skin put into it by both Lebanon and Rossview.
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