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  1. Thanks for providing the article. Good read. I think after reading the article one has to wonder if all the glory that past players received in the towns where they played, tied to their off the field actions and lack of classroom desire, has led to the decline as well. We all know the stories of Johnny 5 star who has 20 offers to play on Saturday but couldn’t spell the word Saturday if you spotted him Satur. I grew up in Gallatins hey day. The stadium was packed on both sides with Green Wave fans. After I graduated I had to sit on the East side of the stadium because there just weren’t any seats to have on the home side. Now when I look around the home side is hardly ever full and a sprinkling of fans on the visitors side. As I travel to Away games I hardly ever see a packed stadium. I guess it really is a different day.
  2. I will. I should see him tomorrow morning.
  3. Do you remember a kid who played at MBA in the 70’s named Andy Massey? I work with him.
  4. I agree that we have a watered down product over years gone by. I don’t think we will ever see 3 public classes again. I would be interested to see how competitive a 4 class would be.
  5. I read recently that games aren’t generating the interest that used to be. I would be interested in hearing theories of why that is. I think there are lots of reasons for the decline but a few that stand out to me are the increase in number of schools, the increase in private schools, the transfers and the fear of scheduling tough non-region opponents. I’m curious as to what the attendance is at a private game between a powerhouse and a cupcake. The days of the star players playing at the hometown schools have been diluted by the transfers and recruiting at both public’s and private’s. I myself remember the playoff game in 91’ with Gallatin and MBA and how packed that place was. The semi-final that same year had a packed house between Gallatin and Stratford. Am I on to something with what I see as the reason for the declines or am I missing something altogether?
  6. Yes, yes it did. Locke it before you leave.
  7. I just read the revised story from Tom. You are correct. I didn’t see that one yesterday. As a person who’s job takes me all over the mid-state, I can tell you there is a big difference in housing costs in the Mt. Juliet area and the Ravenwood area. I’m not saying they couldn’t move just that it would cost considerably more. I’m guessing the hardship application is the most logical attempt but I myself wouldn’t put my trust for an exemption in the hands of the TSSAA. I’m thinking this example will have long term ramifications on parents getting jobs at new schools and transferring kids to said schools.
  8. I’m not sure which article you’re referring to but the one in the link clearly says the is eligible because his dad has a job at the school. I even read it again to be sure I didn’t miss that part.
  9. Huge news being reported in the last hour regarding Mt. Juliet. Reggie Grimes is transferring to Ravenwood. His dad will be a teacher and the new DC.
  10. He’s talking about shine. Those guys know how to party in East Tn.
  11. It looked like players came to watch the game. A couple of them had on Commando shirts. I’m guessing they just wanted to watch. I didn’t read anything into it other than that.
  12. I wouldn’t be upset if I were wrong. My opinion and $5 will get you something to eat at McDonalds.
  13. I’m guessing this year is Beech’s to lose. Return almost all the players from a Semifinal team last year. I would be surprised if they aren’t playing in Cookeville in December.
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