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  1. Great win by Marvyille. Defense kept them close until the offense came around. As far as coaches would not trade any of ours for anyone. So proud and blessed to have the coaching staff we have. The last two years we have come out and pitched a shutout in the second half while scoring twice. Looks like the halftime adustments advantage is clear there. I don't blame Rankin for going for it, although I might of just done it and not tried to draw them offsides and then call a timeout. I think Maryville is in his head a bit but that is understandable. What is he like 3-12 all time? They were probably all excited after Coach Quarles left, man that has to be a disappointment.
  2. I think you’re right now that I think of it. 4 first half 1 in second.
  3. Guess memory is the first thing to go. Alcoa did not turn it over at all. Maryville did four times including once in the red zone or that game was not as close as it was.
  4. Not that it matters to me or you. But you just lost all credbility with me. Oakland must be proud to have you as a fan. Jibberish is one thing and its all in fun. But you just hit way below the belt on one of the nicest guys you would ever meet.
  5. I was telling a friend about Friendsville Academy just today. Joe Garagiola also discussed them regularly on the Today Show and Charles Kuralt visited the school for his “On The Road” series. Could not find who they beat to break the streak. 114 games I think.
  6. I agree it’s a roll of the dice. Sometimes 80%=0.
  7. System seems to be moving from the southwest and showing brunt of rain in middle and west part of state. Think that’s why our forecast keeps teetering back and forth.
  8. The hourly forecast on Weather Channel is saying 70-75% during the game. Not looking good for homecoming.
  9. Maryville won the championship two years ago.
  10. No; but he did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.
  11. Different kind of tornado warning Stars?
  12. D line wasn’t too shabby either against what was billed as the best offensive line in the State.
  13. Used it three or four times in pre game interview.
  14. Rankin trying his darndest not to get held to a Fg. Me thinks the stat sheet will say minus four turnovers not near as close as it was.
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