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  1. coachsp


    Thank you he is zoned for our school
  2. coachsp


    If a kid who is home schooled is ineligible to play on a varsity team could he be able to play In Jv games.this is for ahigh school team
  3. East Hickman has to be the worst team I have ever seen play
  4. So when is it going to be made to the public
  5. East Hickman had a team to cancel and is in need of a few more games looking at dates of March 22 April 5,18,19 anyone interested can contact coach Ragan at [email protected] hickmank12.org or 615-428-2941
  6. East Hickman is looking for a home game on April 5 you can contact Coach Ragan at [email protected]
  7. coachsp

    Game wanted

    East Hickman is wanting to add a home game on April 27 or April 30 if interested contact Coach Ragan 615-428-2941
  8. coachsp

    Game wanted

    East Hickman is looking for a game on April 30 contact Coach Ragan at Ray.ragan @hickmank12 . Org
  9. Mcewen high school is looking for games you can contact Wayne Rachford at 931-209-5556
  10. You are correct Ray Ragan did take that job
  11. coachsp

    District 11-AA 2016

    Ray Ragan is taking over as head coach at east Hickman
  12. coachsp

    District 11-AA 2016

    This would be a good hire for east he has been there for two years and knows the boys real well
  13. coachsp

    District 11-AA 2016

    WhO will be the next coach at east Hickman now that coach Parker is leaving
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