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  1. Notre Dame won 1-0 over Boyd in overtime.
  2. So the field stands at Greenville, Knox Grace, ND, CCS, White House, CPA, JCS and Madison. (correct me if I am wrong)
  3. They did play some at finley before turf was added. Then I believe everyone including UTC soccer team said we ain't playing on turf. CFC made turf cool again and now Lady Mocs are back at Finley (US women's team played there) and we could bring girls soccer state tournament back.
  4. They used CCS, Baylor and GPS fields. They positive to playing at a "stadium" is that you feel like your playing somewhere special and not at a rec tournament location with no stands and games going on around you. The state tournament should be a feature event. I would rather pick the best high school fields in Murfreesboro and play on those with the finals being at MTSU or somewhere else.
  5. Typically they will have two or three sets of small bleachers. I would bring your own chair if you want to sit.
  6. the new amendments say that any child of a part time employee of the school is not eligible to participate. ALL part-time employment is considered financial aide. Private schools employ a lot of part time faculty, coaches and staff. ALL of their immediate family members are ineligible for TSSAA competition.
  7. why is ccs a case in point? Every public school in the area has wanted to play them since their first varsity season. The great advantages of being a private school have not been kind to CCS for the past five seasons.
  8. GPS keeper gets red card in second half, FR scores on a PK resulting from the red card. Interesting game. Final Score: Father Ryan 1 GPS 0
  9. http://www.chattanoogan.com/2012/10/31/237578/Notre-Dame-Falls-In-State-Soccer-Quarterfinals.aspx
  10. for discussion purposes only. No gambling please... 1. McCallie 2. CCS 3. East Hamilton 4. Notre Dame 5. Baylor 6. Soddy-Daisy 7. Ooltewah 8. Boyd-Buchanan 9. East Ridge 10. Cleveland
  11. Hamilton COunty only 1. GPS 2. Red Bank 3. CSAS 4. Soddy-Daisy 5. CCS 6. Ooltewah 7. Signal Mountain 8. Baylor 9. Brainerd 10. Howard
  12. 1. McCallie 2. Howard 3. Ooltewah 4. CSAS 5. Brainerd 6. Red Bank 7. Soddy-Daisy 8. Baylor 9. Grace 10. CCS This is just Hamilton County.
  13. CCS played their subs for much of the fourth quarter last week. It's fine to play hard and try to score until the final whistle but playing starters when you are up by so much is one of the reason's Signal has a "target" on their back as Patty Lane has said.
  14. “I go for it all the time,†Bill Price said in defense of his late-game tactics. “I go for it 90 percent of the time. That’s just us. That’s just the way we are.†I think this is why people have a problem with Price. He may need to change the way "they are"
  15. both teams started with a jv team three years ago.
  16. two reasons for the decline of Coacht users: 1. Private schools decline of dominance 2. Closing of Tennessee Temple Academy
  17. having followed statewide soccer this year. How do the eight teams rank? I would assume CCS and CAK are favorites? Don't know much about any of the other teams.
  18. A parochial school is a school directly associated with a church. Most are Catholic. The word parochial is not used much in the south but it is on other parts of the country. Tennessee Temple would be an example of a parochial school (associated directly with Highland Park Baptist Church) or Brainerd Baptist (associated directly with Brainerd Baptist church) I don't hear people describe them as parochial but they are. Most Christian schools are board run schools that may have an association with a denomination but not with a specific local church. It's really a non issue when talking athletics or TSSAA.
  19. for discussion purposes only: 1. Baylor 2. CCS 3. GPS 4. Notre Dame 5. Ooltewah 6. Soddy-Daisy 7. East Hamilton 8. Signal Mountain 9. Cleveland 10. Hixson
  20. http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/vault/ ... /index.htm
  21. I predict 1-1 tie. (I know, your supposed to pick before the game) Should be an interesting post-season for these teams. I am glad to see Hixson and East Ridge being competitive with some of the big dogs. It's good for Chattanooga soccer.
  22. Here is my preseason for discussion purposes only: 1. CCS 2. McCallie 3. Baylor 4. Notre Dame 5. Soddy-Daisy 6. Boyd-Buchanan 7. Ooltewah 8. East Ridge 9. East Hamilton 10. Cleveland
  23. I was at East Hamilton tonight and no one was collecting money.
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