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  1. Does anyone know what school he plans on attending. I was hoping not UT, but know that their program are trying to make changes it may be a good idea. He has a good chance to go pro after college but he's definitely going to need a good coach to push him and keep him away from tempting destractions. I know he's being scouted heavily by Alabama, Miss State, Illinois, Florida, Tenn, and Pittsburg. I sure hope he excels and puts it down for the Ville. As we all really know he is the best out of TN in the last coulple of year, argue all u want but we all know what's real. I still dont understand how his teammate Eric Devendorf made it to the McDonalds game over him. In the games I saw and the stats I seen, Devendorf seemed to be more of a complementary player who could of been replaced. Jamont had better stats in every category. I just dont understand. JP Prince and Jamont should of been representing TN in the game as the best from TN.
  2. I have a younger cousin who played for the 16U Mottep Panthers as of last year. He goes by the name of Chane Sawyers, I believe they played against your 17U team last year in Clarksville. He is a very good player and Nashville doesnt have any squads this year who are at least decent. He is a 6'1 shooting guard who Im pretty sure you would be impressed with. So if you havent finalized your roster I would surely appreciate if you gave him a shot.
  3. Devendorf doesnt seem like an all american to me. I have seen him play 3 times and Jamont has outplayed him in each. He has the worst stats out of everyone considered for the game. If he made the game Lee Humphrey from Maryville should of made the game. JP, Tyler, and Jamont all should of made it.
  4. Jamont Gordon scored 30 pts, had 10 rebs, and 5 ast in a 35 point victory over Bonner Academy. The previous game he had 14 pts and 6 rebs. He is currently the leading scorer on his team in the first two games.
  5. It has to be the late great John Henderson. He's definitely going to be great.
  6. The Pearl and Stratford game has been rescheduled for an 3rd time today. News reports predict fair weather so coaches and administrators schedule the game for today. The game was going to pull in a large crowd originally, but with so many stories going around we'll see what'll happen. The game is at Pearl-Cohn at 7:00, be there or be square Pearl-Cohn 24 Stratford 20 Great Game!!!!!!!!
  7. Pearl-Cohn is definitely better than advertised. According the the Tennessean they would be 0-2 instead of 2-0. Keep it up Tennessean you just might make them state champs.
  8. It has to be Bobby Council of Pearl-Cohn, he was a 1400 yard back as a sophmore, who else has done that.
  9. J.R. Crenshaw plays for McGavock and he'll be an Jr this year. To be so young he makes it lood easy when he scores averaging 16 pts as a sophmore. Richard Delk may be a better player being 6'5 compared to 5'8, plus he is getting credit being a 6'5 twin. Still I believe that Johnny Lee has better point guard skills being a better dribbler, playmaker, and leader. Ya cant argue the skill factor
  10. To Gomab, I understand the you coach the Delks but you still have to keep it real. I never seen a head to head match-up in that tournament game, but me and you both know who's the better player between Gordon and Reg, Delk. Johnny Lee is the better point guard between him and Rich. Delk. I haven't seen J.P. but I doubt that he can physically match-up with Tyler. Thaddeus is good and may have the match-up. Brandon is clearly offensively better than Cromwell with identical defensive skills. The Mid-state has my match up nod. But the West is deeper.
  11. The reason why I didn't mention the Prince because I havent seen him play, but I have heard good things. It wouldnt make since for me to mention someone that I haven't seen play. To NCS, David Palmer is a very good player who is weak and plays out of position. He's more of an Small Forward than anything, but being 6'7 in Nashville you have no choice but to play in the post. He can handle the ball, has an nice jumper, and he can also run the floor. Trust me he isn't going to Oak Hill for no reason, he has earned his spot, just not at Antioch. I have seen everyone I listed play on numerous occasions. I obviously get the opportunity to see the Mid-state players more, but I have seen the rest enough to compare them. As I said, Gordon, Wright, and Smith are clearly better than everyone else that I listed. The Delks are also very good but I wouldn't warn David Stern about them.
  12. I just read a post stating that the best players are from Memphis/West TN. Well I truely believe that Brandon Wright and Jamont Gordon are the best 2 players in the state which are both from Nashville (Then Tyler Smith from Pulaski at #3). Currently the best individual players are from the midstate, for surely not teams but players. Top 5 Mid-state: SG Jamont Gordon (top 10 nationally, straight outta Cashville) PF Brandon Wright (top 2 nationally, straight outta Cashville) SF Tyler Smith (top 25 nationally) C David Palmer (top 30 nationally, straight outta Cashville) PG Johnny Lee (an great unranked player, straight outta Cashville) 2 future Oak Hill attendants in Palmer and Gordon West TN: PG Willie Kemp ( an great unranked player) SG Reginald Delk (top 65 nationally) PF Pierre Niles (top 15 nationally) PF Thaddeous Young (top 10 nationally) SF Richard Delk ( top 70 nationally) Looking at the two camparisons the Mid-state has 3 clearly better players ,than everyone in the west, in Gordon, Wright, and Smith.
  13. Gomab, you mean Chane Sawyers for Mottep and he goes to Overton High School. Chane Sawyers (Overton)
  14. He is very deserving of this accomplishment. To all of you guys doubting his skills, whatcha think about that.
  15. I believe Jamont's dunk may of been the best, but Richard's dunk wasn't far behind.
  16. The only teams in the south that I believe is better than TN, is Georgia, Florida, maybe South Carolina. Tennessee is currently producing alot of high school phenoms.
  17. Saying that Jamont needs coloring books and crayons was a very jerk comment, why coment on his intelligence. Someone please find me a player that could have a terrible game and get 18 pts, 15 rebs, and 5 assist. That was probably the twins best game and their stats still cant compare. The twins played against terrible defense, which helped them do what they did. Question of the week (Since you guys are bashing him so much): Do yall think if just one of the twins was on Glencliffs team instead of Jamont that they would've made it to the state? I know my answer heck naw. Good job Glencliff on making it to the State Tourney. I really didn't expect it.
  18. Glencliff played heartless tonight. Jackson Northside was extremely well balanced. The better team won but I still don't buy into that top 3 statement. Maybe a win against Bradley Central would confirm the brave statement by mg. to mg/ m-gizzle: I underestimated "Nawfsyde", but I still believe that Jamont is better than everyone on their team. Check this out: -Jamont is the only player that Northside had to worry about, therefore they played pretty good defense on him. -Glenciff's was out-matched by Northside's talent therefore they couldn't key in on one person like Northside did. Glencliff's coach did a terrible job preparing them (they must of played 21 in practice all week). Glencliff didn't hold it down for Region 6, but there are at least 3 teams that would of played better than those guys tonight. McGavock, Stratford, and Hillsboro would of been more mentally prepared tonight.
  19. Could someone please tell me how I could get in touch with Mike(TN Thunder's 17U coach) I would like to speak to him about the practice dates.
  20. That was an very informative but meaningless post by mg. Anyone who has played ball or even a fan of ball would know that you cant compare a game by who beat who. It was amusing but I hope that you really don't believe in that. I am not going to say the Glencliff is going to win, but Jamont is the kind of player that can score 10pts and lead his team to a victory. You guys are going to learn/see. How could you possibly assume that region 7 & 8 are better than the rest unless you've seen the rest. Jackson NS, & Fairley top 3, big time bluff.
  21. You obviously havent seen Gordon play, because anyone whose seen the two play will tell you that Gordons better, you'd have to be his mother not to say so. I am tired of hearing the comparisons of the 2. It makes me mad. Jamont is twice as good as Tyler, even on an average day. Finally he's getting the exposure that he deserves. He may be TN's hottest recruit right now.
  22. He may of had a triple double tonight against Maplewood, He made Jason Kidd passes, Tracy McGrady shots, and Kevin Garnett rebounds. He may be underrated at 9th in the country. www.rivalshoops.Unapproved Website
  23. Stratford lost the game because of terrible coaching. Why did they stay in a zone, like Franklin was going to penetrate. You play a 2-3 zone to clog up penetration. If a team can't penetrate why not just play man to man to get a hand up on their shooters.
  24. He is the best player in the state, so he should win in AAA this year. No one is on his level.
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