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  1. I agree there is a bitter tone to the name of this thread. These are high school kids who played their heart out for the whole season and then some punk fans get on here and taunt them when their season is over. I am a Science Hill fan and I will show class. Greeneville did beat Science Hill in every aspect of the game. I'll admit though I wanted to see another DB Science Hill match up. I Don't think the "riot" you described was true. Can you blame the fans for being excited about knocking off a bitter rival in the last second? I'm sure the same thing would have happened at the Dome. Please keep the taunting to yourself. I know you may think it is funny between you and all your friends with the Seinfeld names but show some class and congratulate your team without putting others down.
  2. No matter who you are cheering for, it promises to be a great game in front of a packed house. Someone even told me that they were pulling out the bleachers for extra room. This game will be one of the classics in the DB and Science Hill rivalry. The game is too close to call, but as always I will pull for my Hilltoppers.
  3. I tried it for about 3 months and saw no improvement. It could be though that my whiteness was to much force holding me to the ground. I found that running stairs really helped though.
  4. WSP, I know, and happened to talk to the girl who was elbowed in the head after the game...and that's how i found out about it so don't call it BS. Get YOUR facts. I had these two little kids sitting next to me the whole game mocking the science hill fans they were sitting in the middle of. I had to restrain myself from saying anything to them because I for one am a good sport. They must raise their rednecks early. School spirit is good but the fans should be knowledgable about the game and not complain about every call that goes against their team. When I watch a game I cringe at bad calls made against both teams. The greeneville fans for the most part do not know anything about basketball. At that time of night, the piggly wiggly is closed and so the only thing to do after their sister is impregnated, is to go to the basketball game. (WSP)
  5. This game was a great one. Science Hill ended up winning in the end and it went right down to the final horn. Malone played great with 31 points and very many rebounds. Atmosphere was like a region game. One thing did stand out to me though. The immaturity of Greenville's fans. There was a girl on the front row on the Science Hill side waving a sign around toward the Science Hill fans behind her. A male greenville fan ran around the court and snatched the sign, elbowing her in her head in the process. I was close to this when it all happened, but it was not until afterwards that i knew it was a greeneville fan or i would have done something about it. The great competitive atmosphere was ruined by this idiot. And he undoubtedly will go unpunished because this is the same principal who does not believe in tasteful fans. He allows the student section to use lude and obscene chants. I know there is only so much the guy can do.....but he does nothing. To coach billy duncan.....the boston celtics came to hal henard gym this time...and won...what's the excuse now?
  6. I agree KevB...I saw the quote in the Kingsport paper... "I knew we could beat Science Hill," Blye said. "We handed the last game to them, but we had more heart this time. We sent them home with a loss - bye-bye." If I know the toppers, they have that posted in the locker room and use it everyday for motivation. My bet is that Science Hill wins the rest of the meetings this year. It doesn't matter where they are played, they could play the game in Charlie Morgan's driveway and The hill would still come out on top. Thanks Azmar Blye, you made my picks easy.
  7. I really think that White Station should have gotten beat in the State tourney last year twice. Once by bearden and then by science Hill.
  8. I've got to hand it to you, Boone is having a better than usual season, but look at the conference. Only Science Hill and DB have decent teams this year. And they have excellent teams. I do not see Boone even getting close to both DB and Science Hill's run-n-gun style. I have never seen this Ploucha play but I doubt one person on a slow un-athletic team can beat a team with 15 athletes like Science Hill.
  9. I want to know, Coach Duncan said that his team was much better than Science Hill and that the refs were the only ones to beat them. Then, he loses again on a buzzer beater to a team who lost to the same Toppers he is supposed to be better than. I think all the teams are neck and neck and that a game between them can go either way. I don't think Coach Duncan ever lost a game in his mind. And if his team is SOOOO much better than others, then why does it come down to a buzzer beater and close games?
  10. The coach complained about no calls for them but Greeneville got 3 charge calls, two questionable in the second half. The number of fouls called in the second half was definitely in Greeneville's favor. So there is nothing for their fans to whine about and if you doubt what I'm saying, read the article in the JC press. http://www.johnsoncitypress.com/ArticleDet...ALNEWS&ID=18318 [Edited by UNCCJP33 on 12-18-02 3:01P]
  11. He certainly lived up to the hype. His passes were crisp and clairvoyant. The behind the back at full speed to hit his teammate in stride was just incredible. What about the elevation on that dunk? WOW!!! He seemed to settle for jump shots at the beggining but then he realized he could get anything he wanted. The only thing I saw that he could work on was to quit toying with the defender. He has the speed to blow by and should do so immediatly, not wait for another defender to run at him. This kid is really going to be fun to watch.
  12. I really wish you would print out what you just posted, hold it next to you the whole game, and then eat it after the Toppers show DB and the conference who's boss.
  13. Leave the cussing out of it and let the game do the talking.
  14. Look back at my comments please before you go waving your ignorance wand around. I said the only hard parts in baseball were the batter and pitcher. So far the only rebuttals to my comment have their basis on the fact that it is hard to hit a baseball. Congratulations we agree. You can hand me the ignorance wand now. By the dictionary definition, anything can be classified as a sport. Basket weaving, cooking, even video game competitions can be considered.
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