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  1. kryptonite20


    Oh and Russ and I started this post as a joke to eachother. Not to offend anyone who has to get there say in on how many points we scored at valley forge or elementary. I can say this though i know whod id give the ball too if i wanted to win the game. Tguess and Rchambers Coach TChambers The VF legends.
  2. kryptonite20


    This is the 2nd half person of the post. R is the first. Dont get mad chad, just cause you didnt make all conference in baseball . And yeah weve been best friends since we were like 6 or 7 so i dont think me not playing ball will make any difference. CoachKen Im the king of PS2 you dont want none. And i am scoring 30 a game lewis. You cant guard me lol. P.S. I want my ****** TMac to hold down centerfield this year since i wont be out there. Question of the Day? What player from Unaka has sent out the most applications to colleges all over North America? For the answer ask Jeff Reed.
  3. kryptonite20

    [email protected]

    You must be the most ignorant human up there in nose bleed country. Cloudland is terrible and you cant say that UH upseted them, Cloudland just got beat plain and simple. and Unaka will defeat them again!!!!
  4. kryptonite20

    Unaka at Cloudland

    I also think it will be a good game, but Unaka has more weapons and a deeper bench...and Cloudland will not be able to match up...so I perdict Unaka 75-64
  5. kryptonite20

    Rusty Chambers

    Hey chad what is going on this is your 2 favorite people in school well u know who we are. we just wanted to say good luck in your next boys and girls club game with the sasquatches we all know what a heck of a player you are down there maybe with the colleges that wont russ now he can tell them to come down there and watch you master the tea cup shot you were always a hardnose player just try not to kill me this year in baseball while were turning double plays like u always do P.S you stink LOL
  6. kryptonite20

    Unaka Defeats McCallie

    How can it be a thunderous dunk, when the ball rolled around the rim for a full 10 seconds. It was good and all but I've seen much better before.. By the way, the guy that was dunked on was Tyler McCann, he was set up for a charge but the African leaped over him like a scared deer.
  7. kryptonite20

    Getting Close to Crunch Time/ class A

    As I recall, when Unaka traveled to Pickett Co. this past Thanksgiving, Unaka hammered Clay County by at least 15 or 20 and you have them listed in the final 8 run. Give the small school a little respect, they might have some rude fans but that doesn't mean you can take away from their ability.
  8. kryptonite20

    The New WWE Team

    i heard through the grape vine that red eye was goin behind the other two back and rapin with tony the milfhunter gordan now rumors spead but iv always seen a conection with them two i heard that back in there early days them two used to scratch afew rymes down on paper i have a good filling in the next few years the other two will be like the dixie chicks and break the one of as for flossin i hear his carrier is sky rocketing i hear he is goin to greenville to start a new cd he ask tolley to come but he could pass up that big buck on buck mountain hes been tracking down for the past three months before basketball ever started but thats all the info i got so far i will keep u up to date on what happens
  9. kryptonite20

    They moved my danged thread!

    so dale are you and the king ranger fan?i heard that they was gettin a new moose huntin clud up on the roan so maybe you 2 can join it i hear tolley i one good hunter i might see u all up at the jr high game cause i got a cousin whose cousin plays for Cloudland lol i hear the luns has finally stabed ppl on the roans back and upset them of just like he did ppl from Unaka when he ran the score up to boost his ego well go ranger and i hope dale meats his long lost friend the king somewhere in the woods
  10. kryptonite20

    Unaka at University High

    So far Unaka is 5-0 in there conference with the win over Cloudland the other night can they make it 6 tomorrow night against the Bucaneers of University High
  11. kryptonite20


    Way to go Rangers. You hung tough to the end and showed the landers who was best. Good game for both teams.
  12. kryptonite20

    Unaka Vs Cloudland

    Xtremeloco after your last post you have got to be one of the dumbest people on this message board posting bringing up the war in Iraq into a simple little quote about basketball that proves how much of an idiot you are and in my last post when i stated that Unaka had Harriman down by 15 that is a true statement and to be such a big Rockwood fan and say how much you hate Harriman you seem to back them an awful lot Bottom Line.......if you dont like my post dont read them this was a Unaka Vs Cloudland thread (nothing to do with Rockwood)
  13. kryptonite20

    Unaka Vs Cloudland

    Well i'll put it this way most teams hardly ever and i mean "ever" beat Unaka at home and didnt Unaka have Harriman down by 15 at one point at home and when these 2 teams play I dont car what anyone says it's a war.
  14. kryptonite20

    Unaka Vs Cloudland

    Well its finally here what everyone's been wanting to see Unaka Vs Cloudland since the basketball boards 1st opened on here and it will begin tomorrow night Whats everyones predictions in this big game between Unaka and Cloudland at Unaka. Noone Beats Unaka At Unaka...............Unaka-74 Cloudland-59
  15. kryptonite20

    AP Polls

    LOL kingbrian your rankings are a joke did you hear who beat Cosby last night they was destroyed by cloudland by 10 Unaka is very deserving of one of those spots in your ap pole beating two back to back state tournament teams 2 nights in a row can show that but like I said if you have got them in that slot it shows how big of a joke your pole is when Unaka is playing for the state title this year that might change your mind and then you can look back and tell me I was right....