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  1. SCtribe

    Mairvul goes two Okelund

    I dont have time to read all 21 pages, so I apologize if this has already been mentioned. When was the last time Maryville has been shut out? Also when was the last time Maryville lost by 35 or more points? Thanks
  2. SCtribe

    Page @ Franklin County?

    I would appreciate any updates concerning the kid who was injured last night in the FC LC game. Can anyone fill me in? Prayers from Manchester. Hope the kid is ok. Thanks
  3. SCtribe

    Grundy at Sequatchie

    On another note...Do you guys think Sequatchie will host Brainerd in week 1 of the playoffs? I was doing the math and barring any upsets, tonight or next week, thats what Im thinking. Someone please correct me if Im wrong. Either way, Good luck from Manchester to the Indians.
  4. Can someone please tell me the site I can livestream this game? Thanks
  5. How many people can the stadium hold and what is Estimated attendance? Thanks again
  6. Thanks. Can anyone remember who Whitwell beat in the quarterfinals in 1991 and possibly even the score? Im coming from Manchester tonight and reporting back to our local radio station Thunder1320.com. Thanks again.
  7. Ive got a couple questions. What is the all time series record between these two teams? When was the last time Whitwell played in the quarterfinals? Has Whitwell ever played in the semi-finals or finals? Thanks
  8. SCtribe

    Whitwell @ Gordonsville

    What is the station?
  9. SCtribe

    Whitwell @ Gordonsville

    Just kicked off
  10. SCtribe

    Riverside hosts Eagleville

    Apparently no one at the game is posting yet. My source via text says... Riverside 3 Eagleville 0 end 1st.
  11. SCtribe

    Riverside hosts Eagleville

    Update? Who has the ball? Is the weather influencing either team thus far? Thanks
  12. SCtribe

    Riverside hosts Eagleville

    Yes! Someone please keep us updated. Scoring threats, scoring drives, quarter updates whatever. If anyone is there please relay info as much as you can. Thank you.
  13. SCtribe

    Friday Main Event LIVE from South Pittsburg!

    Is there anyone out there streaming this game with a video link? Im listening to the pre-game on 93.9 but I would love to watch it. If theres a link please share. Thanks
  14. SCtribe

    Trousdale @ Whitwell

    Is it halftime yet?