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  1. I would say that this shows a balanced division with alot of hard fought games. It is still open and should turn into an excellent region tournament. Middle will be well represented at state.
  2. texson

    mba @ frhs

    A homer was called a homer.
  3. texson

    mba @ frhs

    Fortunately that's not what the umpire said.
  4. BA won it 10 to 8. BA jumped out to a 6 run lead in the first. BGA battled back and actually went ahead in the middle innings. But BA regained the lead on timely hitting. Burris relieved Compton and got the win. Excellent, hard fought game!
  5. texson

    BA question

    Panfan you either enjoy stirring things up or you are very jealous or bitter for some reason. BA is not a perfect school; but show me one that is. Here is an unbiased opinion for you as I sent children to both Brentwood High and Brentwood Academy. I only wish I had learned about BA earlier. I have for the most part seen BA attempt to fulfill it's mission of helping its students to excel academically, athletically and spiritually. I hope something changes for you and you can become more positive and constructive. Peace.
  6. texson

    greg simpson

    well i am sorry to say it greg but i wooped your but in every match that we played against each other this year. you know exactly who i am and dont pretend that you dont. just too bad that i wont be back next year to whoop you again. you are pretty good golfer i guess but ill just have to come and steal your sister from you one more time.
  7. Well i believe that chase mctorry is slowly but surely catching up on that record. The sad thingis is that he would have about 20 more this year if he would have caught them.plus i wasnt talking about career i was talking about in a season.
  8. I am not sure who the best high school lineman is but the lineman from Brentwood High (Steven Jones?) is considered the best senior in the State by the college recruiters. Corey Mills of CBHS is considered to be the top junior prospect. I look forward to seeing the Brentwood player this weekend play against a very good Germantown team, which has a large line of it's own. Well if the college recruiters are looking at Stephen Jones then they should go back to the BA film and watch Jones get absolutely dominated on by Nick Forte. I would love to go back to that game and see how many tackles Jones had on the night. Nick Forte is a sophomore, great guy, doesnt really talk that much and he benches 365 not 385.
  9. coulaby, nick forte benches 365
  10. texson

    BA or MBA

    I agree with you gobigred. I do know that BA won't be taking this one for granted even though they are being picked to win. MBA has some dangerous weapons if not held in check by a great BA defense. BA has been oh so close the last few years and it would be great to see them go over the top. Here's hoping BA turns it up another notch and the boys give their fans plenty of reasons for some OH YEAHS!!!!!!!!!!
  11. texson

    BA or MBA

    Thoughts on tomorrow nights first clinic bowl final of the season? Can BA win twice in one year or does MBA have it turned around from early in the year?
  12. texson

    BA @ Briarcrest

    This was a very onesided contest. BA's starters were out early in the 3rd quarter. Both offense and Defense looked great. First string defense held Briarcrest scoreless. Tyler Griffin had a night for the scrapbook with a kickoff returned for a touchdown and two interceptions. Runningbacks and passing game looked wellbalanced and awesome. Offensive line blew open some big holes. Adcock had a very nice night. Nice tune up for a bigger challenge next week.
  13. Wow does that get old. I wonder if the outcome were different if you would have seen anything in here about the school size or enrollment differences. My son is a BA player and noone called us or recruited him. I took a look at the administration, the teachers and the fine young men and women we met from that school. I also looked at the Mission statement which says that they are dedicated to nurturing and challenging the whole person--body, mind and spirit-- to the glory of God. I thought that was wonderful and after faithfully paying tuition (as well as my local taxes) for the last seven years, I have found that to be true and couldn't be more pleased with the school. BHS is building a solid tradition. Leave it at that and please stop making excuses for what was a hard fought, honorable contest.
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