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  1. I have often wondered about all the ACL injuries over the last several years. Yes, more likely for girls but boys injuries are up as-well. My personal opinion is this. Growing up many of us adults had one mode of transportation as a kid. We rode bicycles. We rode them for hours daily and put lots of miles on them from here to there etc. Even if it was just down to a friends house, it was done daily. I believe by riding so much while growing up, it strengthened & developed our lower bodies way more than the kids today. Not many kids ride & I mean RIDE like we used to. Video game, CPU, Smart phone era has kept kids less active on a daily basis. I was fortunate enough to play HS & college basketball without ever getting any major injuries. I look back & many of my friends or kids I competed with did not go down with these injuries either. And if anyone did it was almost unheard of. Today, it's very common to happen to many of these young athletes. I am not a bike rider now & not trying to down the technological era. or push an agenda just sharing my own thoughts. Do you agree? Disagree?
  2. Nashvilles biggest sports fan, Chuck Ross! Sad day for those who knew him. No more rubbing the Bison. http://www.wkrn.com/story/23427680/chuck-ross-dies
  3. First post states mid-state AAA teams.
  4. I think Richland is accepting teams also. Contact Jason Loveless as stated above.
  5. Greg Watson, has been hired.
  6. This is talked about many times over the course of the year. I have always kept my thoughts to myself but sitting here watching the first game of the girls tourney is making me sick. It's not even half time yet and I want to get up and leave. The officials are so inconsistant it's pathetic. The 2 teams that are playing I hate it for them. I do not care who wins this game at all, as I am just a basketball fan, not here supporting a specific team. So many missed calls or no calls on one end and then make calls on the other that was not called earlier. Okay that was my rant. Had to get it out!
  7. Community does have a nice big man, but their guards are more than capable of filling it up from the outside. Should be a good game.
  8. As you stated at the end of your drawn out Facts 1-8 of hey check me out I am a know it all. Everyone does have their own opinion. And you read mine. Now looking back at your posts I am truly out of line for not having the same views as you. For you surely have all the FACTS correct & your bases covered with newspaper articles & the tssaa directors quotes. You seem to have the big picture covered with Warren Co. sports and what is best for them. So I am truly humbled by your FACTS 1-8 that I could really careless about. I just gave my opinion,never stated I was right/wrong but since you decided to question my lack of knowledge of team sports and team leadership why don't you check your facts of who or whom your talking out of your backside to. Cause clearly you got your FACTS wrong on that one. This is my last post on this topic........
  9. Warren Co is leaps and bounds better since Montgomery has taken over 3 yrs ago. The year before he took over WC won what? 2 games. Since he has been there, 2 trips to region, 2 years w/ wins in the teens. The program is much better shape than the way he found it. It's crazy how a kid, I repeat a kid, can run his mouth and all of a sudden what the KID says really happened and a good coaches name gets tarnished. Sadly it happens all the time in today's society. (We know all kids tell the truth and in no way ever stretch it). The fact is a coach will tell the kids the truth about how good they are and it usually isn't what the kids want to hear. Where as many parents lie and tell the kids what they want to hear (Johnny you are the best player or you should be playing more because). This kills a team and develops cancers in a team that will spread and destroy it. Truth is Montgomery has probably over-achieved with this bunch. I wish Coach Montgomery and Warren Co. the best.
  10. Finally somebody understands why a team may hold the ball. Perry puts up a lot of points. If they don't have the ball they can't score. I can't speak for Trotter but that's how I see it. I think it can help a team that may not be as good as the other, to keep the game close. Is it always a fun brand of basketball for the avg. fan to watch? No,but its about winning and if a coach feels that it helps their chances to win, then I say go for it. Does it always work? No! But I have seen some very good teams get beat by the weaker opponent because of this tactic. It can totally take the better team out of a rythm and frustrate them. Good luck to both teams the rest of the way!
  11. I agree! Also, to much emphasis on starting! Sure it's nice but it's about who finishes the game when it counts.
  12. 2011 Cornersville Thanksgiving Classic November 25 & 26 Friday 11-25-10 10:00 Ardmore vs. Fayetteville City (Girls) 11:20 Ardmore vs. Fayetteville City (Boys) 12:40 Hardin Co. vs. Smyrna (Girls) 2:00 Hardin Co. vs. Smyrna (Boys) 3:20 Wayne Co. vs. Richland (Girls) 4:40 Wayne Co. vs. Richland (Boys) 6:00 Cornersville vs. Moore Co. (Girls) 7:20 Cornersville vs. Moore Co. (Boys) Saturday 11-26-10 10:00 Smyrna vs. Ardmore (Girls) 11:20 Smyrna Co. vs. Ardmore (Boys) 12:40 Richland vs. Hardin Co. (Girls) 2:00 Richland vs. Hardin Co. (Boys) 3:20 Moore Co. vs. Wayne Co. (Girls) 4:40 Moore Co. vs. Wayne Co. (Boys) 6:00 Cornersville vs. Fayetteville City (Girls) 7:20 Cornersville vs. Fayetteville City (Boys) All teams on left side of schedule will wear white uni’s and be the home team. All teams on right side of schedule will wear dark uni’s and be the visiting team
  13. REVISED BCAT Clinic Schedule Friday Sept 23rd 4-6pm Registration 6-7 Tom Hodges (Morehead State Women) "Morehead Basketball" 7-8 Brad Stevens (Butler) "Shooting Stats and Drills for Winning" 8-9:30 Kevin Eastman (Boston Celtics) "DNA of A Champion" 9:30 John Carter (Noah Basketball) "Noah Basketball Shooting Program" 10 BCAT Coaches Social "Sponsored by KENN-TENN Sports" Saturday Sept 24th 7-8am Registration 8-9 Cuonzo Martin (Tennessee) "Tennessee Basketball" 9-10 Mathew Mitchell (U of Kentucky Women) "Kentucky Basketball" 10-11 Kevin Eastman (Boston Celtics)"NBA Defensive Tips for all levels" 11-12 Rick Byrd (Belmont) "Belmont Offense and Shooting Drills" 12:00 Don Meyer "Coach Emeritus" "What I'd do different in coaching, if starting today" 1:00 Gene Menees (TSSAA) "TSSAA Rules Meeting"
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