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  1. BA/MBA 03 at BA on Halloween was pretty awesome.
  2. www.hirecoachpittman.com
  3. It's funny to see someone with 30 posts come in and bash Wes, a faithful CoachT vet.
  4. If your in the Mid Tn area Tuesday night, come watch some hard hits in the clinic bowl.
  5. I don't believe he has any real offers yet. I think he will after the season, which is good so he can stay focused on winning the state championship first.
  6. I believe the flag was for late hit. It was the one on the sideline. He had just stepped out of bounds but, I don't think Tyler could have stopped his momentum.
  7. MUS better be throwing 5 yard stops. http://boards.coacht.com/index.php?showtopic=86523
  8. I updated the server. It is a lot faster. Everyone check out these highlights. Tyler Griffin, Brentwood Academy. Three hits, one game.
  9. I'm sorry if this stream is very slow... I am uploading the file into a faster server within the next few days... It is worth the wait however...
  10. These hits are actually of Tyler's Sophomore season. I have just now had time to post them. Enjoy. This is what J.D. Lawhorn shall be fearing in the Clinic Bowl. Here is the link : Hits of the Year
  11. WatchThis

    Hardest hitter!

    Tyler Griffin. I have a video of his ready to be put on a server to show you guys. It will be on here soon. If any of you have a server that I can send it to that would be awesome.
  12. I'll add John Garrett to BA's list. He's been starting BOTH ways, and making plays. He is very solid and has a good future in front of him. He is very coachable which is a good attribute I like about him.
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