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  1. Using your same argument, LCHS should disband completely and let all the previous high schools (that consolidated to form LCHS) crank up their own football programs so that more kids could play football...but not have opportunities for auto shop, machine shop and other vocational programs that a large school can afford...but you'll still spend more tax money to do it, since you'll need more teachers, principals, janitors, etc. Think about it...when the Fayetteville City Council voted to form their own city school system (never mind that LCHS wasn't overcrowded at the time), who really benefited? Folks who deal in finance and folks who deal in real estate. Now, what are the professions of the folks on the city council? Hmmmm....
  2. Growing up in Texas during the 70's it was easy to be both a Cowboys fan and an Oilers fan since the teams were in separate conferences - I thought it would be awesome for both to make it to the Super Bowl. Alas, the 70's Steelers were a bane to both teams.... Bum was a class act - he never wore his trademark hat in a closed stadium - when asked why he said "Mama always said that if it can't rain on you, you're indoors."
  3. I noticed it last week at times...they had their ups and downs last week but managed more ups...looks like this week they had nothing but downs. No way is Shelbyville 41 points better than the Falcon team...at least when it's up....
  4. I understand the legal hit, but what happened to cause the penalty and do-over? I didn't see a flag before the ball was snapped, the flag came after the hit.... And yes, that punter was amazing...the ball looked like it was just floating.
  5. Franklin is certainly the best team the Falcons have played so far this season. It seemed to me that the Falcons didn't have the focus and determination that they've shown in all the other games so far. The refs were a hoot last night - they had lots of committee meetings, and seemed confused a lot of the time. Does anyone know what the deal was on the play where the Falcon punter was hit? I thought it was going to be roughing the punter, but the end result was a 5 yard penalty on the Falcons and a do-over on the punt....
  6. Impressive. The main weapon that the Falcons bring is a disciplined team that doesn't give up and can make coaching adjustments on the fly from coaches that know their stuff. I'm expecting a great game tonight!!!!
  7. I'm happy to see the matchup return also. I suspect that the Falcons are going to have to play hard and execute well without making any serious mistakes to take this one. I think the coaches will have the team ready for battle this Friday!
  8. I haven't met Joe Moos, but I agree completely with your comments. He no doubt is a major factor contributing to the team's success. I've also noticed that the defense has a lot more hustle this year - when the whistle blows the play dead there is a swarm (flock?) of Falcons near the ball. Good job tonight Falcons!!!!
  9. The Falcon team this year has both the will to win in spite of setbacks and has a coaching staff that apparently works to keep that attitude in the players. I've been impressed by the Falcons this year - they still have work to do, but they've laid the foundation for a succesful season this year regardless of how far they go.
  10. I'd forgotten about that! I'll do my best to make it - I'll know by Thursday evening.
  11. What drives me nuts is watching the "laying on of hands" attempt at tackling. A defender may not be in the best position to execute a text book tackle on a ball carrier, but if he can get a hand on the guy he should be able to grab cloth - then either the cloth will rip off the guy or the guy will slow down. Giving him a quick rubdown won't do squat.
  12. The team shows a lot of heart and determination. Better tackling from the Falcons would have made the game more interesting also.
  13. So the Pick History includes picks made after the cutoff time?
  14. My Pick History shows that I've picked all 47 games, won 35 and missed 12, yet the Standings show I've picked 46 games, winning 34 and missing 12. I suspect that my nemesis orangecrush has picked all 47 games also. Are the Standings wrong or is my Pick History wrong?
  15. Well, the Falcons got beat by a bigger, stronger, and faster team. They started dragging a bit in the first half - it was nice to see them pick it up in the second. The Stars exposed Falcon weakness that no doubt will be addressed by the coaches as they get ready for Lawrence County. LC! LC! LC!
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