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  1. Can't wait. First home (pre season) game is Saturday, Sept 24th.
  2. "Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it†Has to be the most niave post I've read in a long while.
  3. Congrats to the Devils.....Made a few of the biased pundents here eat their words. Good thing the game is played on the field and not on the page of a message board. Devils usually play to their potential, no matter how limited some may believe it to be, in the playoffs.
  4. I hated to miss this game. As with most WH/ Greenbrier games, sounds like it came down to the end. I'm gonna try to watch the re play that usually shows here. Congrats to Greenbrier.
  5. The equalizer...Pekka Rinne. He was the best player on the ice last nite. We win our first road game....We play a strong 3rd. While we bend, we don't break. We frustrate the other team, the more talanted team. It's good to be a Predhead.
  6. Also, anyone who enjoyed watching olympic hockey on tv will be surprised if they see a game live. No comparison. Live, it is the best spectator sport....Non stop action.
  7. Hopefully, Suter and Weber learned from their olympic experience and will better understand what is needed to make the playoffs and a run. Don't know the deal with Hammer. My understanding is he likes Nashville, so I hope Poile worked a deal for him to stay at a hometown discount....Or they are counting on making the playoffs because player salaries are based on the regular season, so teams make money in the playoffs. So who is the odd dman out??? The healthy scratch? And I guess we gave up on Jones.
  8. Tuesday, took down the best team in the west, san Jose......Thursday, took down the best team in the east, NJ Devils.... Playing well now, playing their system. Bouillion has been a find on defense, Klein settling in and the Hammer has turned his game around defensively. Blum, playing within himself. A sign a defenseman is doing his job is you don't notice him on the ice because he is not making mistakes. Pekka is just Pekka....Turning into an elite goalie. Not sure I'd trade him for another one today. We are a different team with the presence of Jordin Tootoo on the ice. We are more physical when he is healthy....and Ward, he may not score a bunch, but he is doing the things it takes to win, good in the corners and opposing dmen are nervous when he is on the forcheck. Two huge game Sat (against Columbus) and Monday against Detriot.....( Verses game monday nite.) Don't know if we will either, but we are playing well enough.
  9. Like the way the dmen turned over the puck last nite in the 3rd....Hideous. Since we have a glut of centers, I'd do the Leggy at forward experiment again....He seemed to play better then. I'd say, if the Preds keep playing the way they are and get out of the playoff hunt, only a few players on our team will not be considered trade bait. (not tradeable: the young guys, Rinne, Suter, Weber).... The rest may be playing for other teams by the trade deadline.
  10. Leggy and Erat, if they do not score, will be at the bottom of the league all year. Leggy has looked a little better the last few games....We have not missed Erat. Smithson has surprised. Also appreciate he stuck up for one of his players. We don't do it enough.... The two early blowouts contributed to the bad ratings, along with the dmen not "finding" themselves early in the year. We sit at 6-6, but our goals for/against is skewed by the two bad games. It is obvious this team MUST play good defense to win games, but I believe we will throw in the stinker or two, keeping the + - looking bad for most of the 2-4th line dmen. Pekka Rinne seems to have found his game. If the young guys keep growing into their roles, we could win a lot of games with 3 goals....I would still like to see one big, strong, nasty, stay at home dman on this team.
  11. Wow..picking against White House...who's a thunk????? I believe there is a post here that did a good job disputing your assertion that WH does not do well against metro teams......But I realize you have an axe to grind. On to the game....The defense will need to play well Friday. Lots of injuries and I'm not sure who will be back for this game. In order to win, I believe WH will need to control field advantage and the clock....no 3 and outs. No poor special team play. Hopefully, we will have at least one game this year where the weather will be good.
  12. Yeah, someone else brought up the rumor...but it was you who alluded coach Porter would change a decision to bring a player back to win a game....I doubt seriously if he did change his mind, it would not be "oh I can't win without him".....Seriously dude, why make such a post.
  13. Cat, why don't you worry about your own program dude, instead of alluding amends will be made.... Coach Porter already has earned the respect he deserves, no matter the outcome. It's a little low for you to get on here and surmise coach Porter still needs to earn respect. You should know better.
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