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  1. Don't think Paige will be figured into his future plans, other then where his kids are located.
  2. What a wonderful opportunity for these girls! Best of luck and safe travels.
  3. Glad we hung in until the MC vs. CAK. At least it was interesting to watch. Glad to see MC pull it out. I know it's not "politically correct" but I was glad to see Macon Co. win it. Didn't want to see two privates in the finals. Will be pulling for MC to take it all.
  4. Not a fan of the concession stand prices myself, but I'm pretty sure that money goes to the university, not the TSSAA. The same is true of the parking I would assume.
  5. From what I hear, LA vs CPA may provide the eventually winner. Don't have a dog in any race, just want to see some good BB.
  6. After watching the AAA games today, I think this is the weakest group that has been at the state tournament in years. Unless someone turns it up and on in the next few days, I predict Riverdale will walk away with the title without breaking a sweat. They are the only team with five players contributing on both ends of the court.
  7. 3 blowouts so far and starting on a fourth. Hasn't been much fun to watch so far. Hopefully the AA games will be better. If the teams we've seen so far are any indication of the best AAA has to offer then this year is a bust. Riverdale should coast to the championship.
  8. I was one of those expecting Clarksville to win big - must say congratulations on a well played game and a much deserved win.
  9. You say that as though LC wasn't tight, youthful, and missing shots that are automatic under different circumstances. Science Hill either responds differently today or they go home - in a BIG way!
  10. Have to agree with everything you said including Clarksville winning---BIG.
  11. Not seeing Central play since last years tournament, I would speculate that another reason we might see Central repeat is that Coach Ballard maintains the discipline to "send Ballard to the locker room" and suspend one of her star players for an extended time.
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