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  1. Hope you have a good time moving onto supporting spring sports.
  2. None of this made any sense. Bottom line- every time you lose, it’s the refs fault. That’s a little far-fetched. Enjoy softball season.
  3. What advice would that be? How to show poor sportsmanship? I think i’ll Pass, but thanks!
  4. I’m saying that every time your team loses, it’s the refs’ fault. Every. Time. Have I ever seen refs that made a difference in a game? Sure. I saw that happen about two times in a seven year stretch of watching high school sports consistently. You’ve seen it happen what, six or seven times in one season, also known as every time you lose.
  5. So salty. Sometimes other teams are better than yours, and that is ok.
  6. Every game you lose can’t be the fault of the refs. Because you blame them for every loss, your credibilty is zero. As to celebrating a victory I know i didn’t earn, I haven’t the slightest clue what you’re referring to. I don’t play any high school sports.
  7. CC fans don’t ever seem to notice when refs are consistently bad after a loss. The refs always seem to be on the other team’s side. Weird. Congrats on your win tonight! It really highlights the strength of your district.
  8. Pointing out that it’s your M. O. to blame the refs doesn’t require my presence at the game. Anyone can find that from reading your previous posts.
  9. I’m not stupid. You’re predictable. The way you always blame the refs makes you look like a sore loser.
  10. I notice from his response that once again, the refs were biased and played a role in the loss. I should have started a pool on how long it would take for the referees to be brought up.
  11. Unless the score was misreported, it looks like Bradley will be playing Cookeville Monday night. Does anyone know which is correct?
  12. Oh I didn’t mean you were making an excuse. My apologies if it came across that way. I meant there is always an excuse from CCHS. Except football. They finally just gave up on that
  13. Always an excuse. First meeting - the refs, second one- flu like symptoms. Got it. I wonder what next year’s excuses will be.
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