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  1. buc1973

    STONE MEM vs cumb co.

    This. It’s not even the kids who get butt-hurt. For the most part, they’re very supportive of one another. The parents , on the other hand...
  2. buc1973

    STONE MEM vs cumb co.

    Pretty sure PinkPanther was at the game, as was I. I hate to see this hard fought game reduced to blame and whining by the fans when it didn’t go their way. The refs weren’t great, but they weren’t great for either team. They were consistent. So if you’re getting called consistently for the same thing, make the adjustments you need to make in order to stop getting called for it. Right or wrong, she knew they were going to call it, ( or should have after the second or third time)and she didn’t adjust. Indian hit the nail on the head- look at the scoring breakdown and you will see four SMHS players in double figures versus 2 for CCHS. It’s a team game. When Dishman fouled out, you could see a difference in the confidence of the rest of her team, with the exception of Addy Wilson, who was fighting strong until the end. This is what happens when you build your offense around one player. When Eldridge fouled out, there was more than one player ready to step in and fill that gap, and by ready I mean mentally and physically prepared. That’s team coaching, and that was the difference.
  3. buc1973

    Stone vs Cumberland

    That is the correct score.
  4. buc1973

    Favorites in Class A in 2016-2017

    Clarkrange got A player from Stone. However, Stone's best player put up 29 points in their recent win over Clarkrange.
  5. buc1973

    3a region 4 2016

    Just hearing from a friend whose son plays for D.C. Jennings has a torn ACL. Surgery this Friday.
  6. buc1973

    3a region 4 2016

    Going into half Stone 21 Dekalb 7
  7. buc1973


    SMPanthers- Stone lost to Scott County?
  8. buc1973

    6AAA Girls

    By no means do I see Stone winning the district, nor do I see them not taking their lumps, but on the same note, not underestimate Buck or what he does with a basketball program either.
  9. buc1973

    6AAA Girls

    Stone had a good coach last year but he was not Mike Buck. Not sure if y'all paid attention to those coaching changes but Buck is back at SMHS and this time he is the skipper of the girls' program. They will surprise some folks. ( and my screen name came years before I met that guy lol..no relation at all, just a Stone fan who has watched them from the beginning.)
  10. buc1973

    Giles county @ Stone memorial

    Have a safe trip home tonight and a safe trip back up the mountain next week, mcvolfan.
  11. buc1973

    Giles county @ Stone memorial

    That weak region we play in is really exposed so far.
  12. buc1973

    Giles county @ Stone memorial

    34-7 Panthers going into half
  13. buc1973

    Round 1 East Ham @ Page

    Correction. 34-7 Panthers. Our weak region is really being exposed so far
  14. buc1973

    Round 1 East Ham @ Page

    Way to go Canes! Stone game is 28-7 at half. Panthers lead.