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    Lewisburg, TN
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    High School Sports, Wrestling(pro), computers, CoachT, Video production, My Dog, Sleep

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  1. voiceofrockets

    Forrest @ Cornersville

    Wow What a Game!!!!!
  2. voiceofrockets

    Forrest @ Cornersville

    And I finally get to see ya'll again LTR!!!!
  3. voiceofrockets

    Forrest hosts Cascade

    Great Win Rockets!!!! And miss ya LTR!!
  4. voiceofrockets

    Jo Byrns vs. Forrest

    No but a GREAT one on the home side.
  5. voiceofrockets

    Jo Byrns vs. Forrest

    Doing color for Cornersville. I still keep up with the Rockets since I run the games back on Saturday. But I WILL be and Forrest/Cascade so make sure you got the darn train wistle ready! Rockets are hot this year.
  6. voiceofrockets

    Jo Byrns vs. Forrest

    Didn't know you guys missed me so much (sobbing) I feel so loved. Just didnt have the heart to change my screen name.
  7. voiceofrockets

    Jo Byrns vs. Forrest

    Yeah it me man. Got moved to a different region this year.
  8. voiceofrockets

    Jo Byrns vs. Forrest

    Gotta love those Lewisburg Fans....want the paper, FM.....ahhhhh never mind /roflol.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":roflol:" border="0" alt="roflol.gif" />
  9. voiceofrockets

    How bands look this season?

    Can anyone post the comp. schedule? Or at least where they are?
  10. voiceofrockets

    Is the marching band a sport

    Then why isn't football in the Olympics?
  11. voiceofrockets

    forrest lady rockets

    What a game!!!! Congrats Lady Rockets!!!
  12. voiceofrockets

    Video Editing Software

    I use Adobe Premiere Pro. Good product. I do the highlight videos with this.
  13. voiceofrockets

    DVD Formats

    Depends on what editing software your using. For some you don't have to change anything.
  14. voiceofrockets

    Listen LIVE to Class A State Championship at 6PM

    Since when is a internet site stronger?
  15. voiceofrockets

    Forrest vs. Huntingdon

    WOW!!! What a ending.