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  1. JCHS wins 2-0... 70-yard TD run for Styles and he had a goal line TD pass too
  2. Morristown West beat Catholic 3-1 in a scrimmage at Burke-Toney Stadium last night and will host Bearden at Burke-Toney on Tuesday night. With the two running backs West has this year and that offensive line, they will keep their defense well rested. And that defense is just as good as last year if not better
  3. Morristown West will host Bearden at Burke-Toney Stadium on Tuesday at 6 p.m.
  4. Last word out of C-D was that Claiborne trailed 21-0 at halftime. Claiborne's opponents have outscored them 110-0 in the first 10 quarters of the season.
  5. Brandi Stallings has accepted the job
  6. From a source: Bart Walker, junior college coach J.D. Lambert, former Knox Central assistant and Jefferson County boy's head coach Clay Young, Powell head coach Brandi Stallings, prominent in AAU circuit, former Knox Central assistant
  7. It's official, Derek Creech is the new coach. Here is a link to the story....... http://www.citizentribune.com/news/view_sections.asp?idcategory=2&idarticle=15011
  8. Derek Creech continues to be the main name tossed around amongst "those in the know"
  9. Who is Stix? I have never once heard that name mentioned in Morristown, unless it's the band Styx. They're a great band. Anyway, as for who is Derek Creech, he is the assistant coach at Walters State. I believe he has been there for 5 or 6 years, and they have been to the national tournament a few times while he has been there. Also, he has coached a lot of kids that are at East and West in AAU and in his summer camps. He does a great job with those kids, and he knows what it takes to win.
  10. Deadline for applications is this week, so we could get some news soon. Keep hearing more and more people mentioning Derek Creech as the eventual new coach
  11. I agree Derek Creech is the front runner. He should have been a high school coach by now, but the leadership at East passed on him last year. It would not be a surprise to a lot of folks if he got it. He's a great coach and would do a great job with the kids at West. If, for some reason, the administration passed on Creech, look for another young up and coming coach to fill the position. Would not be surprised at all if several coaches around the area inquire about the job since there is talent in place and more coming through the middle and elementary schools right now. Dark horse candidates could be Rick Sinard at Jefferson County or Jeremy Parrott at Cherokee. Could be a Knoxville area coach or two interested as well.
  12. Enjoy reading your comments and most of the time info is really good. But Knox Carter has never been in the IMAC in any sport. Your'e exactly right. For two years while Coach Dale Chrisman was still the football coach at West, the Trojans played in the Knoxville district with Knox Carter, Maryville, Knox Central, etc. Knox Carter has never been in the IMAC. As for what this topic is about, girl's basketball, I'm curious to see what everyone thinks about tonight's games in the semifinals and what everyone thinks the order of finish will be after Monday night going into the Region 1-3A tournament. I'll take West by 20-plus over East, and Jefferson County over Sevier County by 8 tonight. I like West to win it, Jefferson County second, East third and Sevier County fourth. There you go. Let's hear your picks!
  13. For all those who are wondering about Sidney Goins, it seems her knee injury is not as bad as first feared. She has a partial tear to the ACL, and she will play again this season. No one knows for sure the exact time she will be back, but I've heard that Coach Galyon has said it is not a season ending injury. I've heard anywhere from 2-3 weeks to 4-6 weeks, so she could return at any time, but most likely we will see Sidney on the floor by the District 2-AAA tournament.
  14. Morristown East @ Greeneville scheduled for Thursday night has been postponed. No makeup date has been announced or discussed
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